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9 Oct 2018

While equity in higher education has seen unprecedented advances over the last decade, there is now less certainty as to whether past trends are any guide to future directions.


27 Sep 2018

This report concludes that to unlock innovation in New Zealand in the future, it is important for policy-makers, universities and investors to consider focusing on strengthening the contribution of universities to innovation.

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26 Sep 2018

What form should tertiary education take if it is to cultivate virtuous citizens?

Discussion paper

19 Sep 2018

This consultation paper seeks sector feedback to a proposed an approach for higher education providers (HEPs) to record R&D income for the purposes of the Higher Education Research Data Collection returns.

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16 Sep 2018

Ths report presents an overview of higher education policy and trends. Since its first edition in early 2012, the report has established itself as a widely used, one-stop source of information on higher education.

Discussion paper

A long-term strategic vision for student equity in higher education
6 Sep 2018

This paper aims to outline the key concepts, challenges and contradictions associated with achieving student equity in higher education in an era of near universal participation, and point out possible options for resolving these challenges and contradictions.


17 Aug 2018

This report, developed in conjunction with responsible organisations, documents the progress made in implementing the Research Training Implementation Plan actions to July 2018.


14 Aug 2018

This analysis focused on the 2016 academic year, and estimated the impact associated with the universities’ world-class research, the direct, indirect and induced impacts of the institutions’ expenditures, educational exports and the impact of teaching and learning activities.

Discussion paper

9 Aug 2018

The councils of the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia have agreed to formally consider the merits of the creation of a new university through a merger of the two institutions. This discussion paper sets out preliminary insights into the potential opportunities and...

Briefing paper

9 Aug 2018

While Theresa May pledged that “the days of sending vast sums of money to the EU” are over, the UK is still very much under the illusion that the days of receiving large amounts of EU money in specific sectors are not. Hopes of an...

Working paper

2 Aug 2018

This paper investigates whether changes in funding over the past decade (measured by total expenditure per student) have had an impact on the research output, impact or ranking position of world-class universities.


1 Aug 2018

With a range of new technologies bearing down upon us, huge shifts in the global order under way, longer lives – and potentially longer working lives – it is vital that Australia has a flexible, adaptable tertiary education and training system which gives us the...

Research report

1 Aug 2018

This is an update of 2016 briefing paper, The Rising Tide of Insecure Employment 2016 . Like the 2016 version, this paper provides an analysis of the most recent Australian university staffing data utilising a variety of sources.

This updated analysis shows that the...

Research report

31 Jul 2018

A smaller proportion of Australian teenagers are expecting to go to university or TAFE than they did fifteen years ago, according to this research.

Research report

26 Jul 2018

The Fellowship research sought to better understand how accountability for performance against equity policy goals and funding operates across the Australian higher education system.

Research report

Strengthening educational programs to foster future water sensitive cities leaders
25 Jul 2018

The CRCWSC has invested in research to better understand how to develop the skills and knowledge required across urban water and related professionals, to enable and catalyse the implementation of WSC approaches. The CRCWSC has also invested in developing and running a range of professional...


20 Jul 2018

This set of guidelines will help Australian universities to strengthen their support for students who report sexual assault and sexual harassment.


17 Jul 2018

The Australian economy is not only moving to a more knowledge-based economy, but one that requires a higher and more pervasive level of digital skills. Accordingly, the Australian workforce needs to be more highly skilled than ever.


16 Jul 2018

This report delves into the information pursuit of Swinburne's Centre for Design Innovation team, exploring the way the CDI navigates the contextual factors that shape uptake and adaption, as well as the positive effect our catalogue of work has had on end-users both locally and...

Journal article

12 Jul 2018

This article reports the results of a large-scale study (21,822 students) regarding the impact of course-level faculty adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER). Results indicate that OER adoption does much more than simply save students money and address student debt concerns.



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