Education, Higher

Working paper
13 April 2017

Graduates learn skills    
Earnings and production grow    
Does the job matter? 

10 April 2017

The Student Experience Survey (SES) is designed to collect information that will help both higher education institutions and the government improve teaching and learning outcomes, and reports on...

4 April 2017

The Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is the first national survey that directly links the experiences of graduates to the views of their direct supervisors.

27 March 2017

Uses evidence from the Indigenous Futures Collaboration to examine the extent to which online delivery can help overcome barriers to education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people living...

27 March 2017

Australia's education system is not preparing students for 21st Century success. 

14 March 2017

Outlining the staggering amount of change in key UK government policies over the last five decades, this paper argues that reinvention leads to huge waste and little progress.

8 March 2017

This study looked at the determinants of student satisfaction and academic outcomes at university, with a focus on equity group differences.

28 February 2017

This research study examines regional student participation and migration by use of novel data sources and analytic techniques. The data and techniques utilised within the study provide insights...

27 February 2017

This volume offers provocative ideas for transforming Australian tertiary education.

Conference paper
16 February 2017

Following the Australian state of Tasmania’s adoption of its international education policy, Tasmania’s Place in the Asian Century White Paper, an increasing number of Chinese international...