Cultural property

Discussion paper
20 April 2017

The purpose of this paper is to highlight key themes and issues for developing revised guidelines to define reasonable and practicable measures to avoid or minimise harm to Aboriginal cultural...

14 October 2016

The Snowy Mountains Scheme has been added to Australia's National Heritage List.

Research report
30 September 2016

This paper surveys the uneven history of the numerous attempts to place Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art into the global art market, as both a cultural experience and a commercial...

22 November 2015

Presents a summary of the existing laws in NSW, the proposed reforms, and some selected stakeholder views.

13 November 2015

During the late eighteenth century, a musical–cultural phenomenon swept the globe. And on Sunday, 13 May 1787, a square piano departed from Portsmouth on board the Sirius, the flagship of...

Pandel, Hannah
Forrest, Stephanie

Australia's National Curriculum is a political exercise, write Hannah Pandel and Stephanie Forrest...


The consorting provisions in the Crimes Amendment (Consorting and Organised Crime) Act 2012 have undermined freedom of expression and freedom of association, says the Law Society's Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice, Human Rights and Indigenous Issues Committees in a joint submission to the...

Journal article
19 June 2013

This volume addresses the history and heritage of the ‘Macassan’ fishers who made the long and sometimes dangerous maritime journey from the port town of Makassar in southern Sulawesi to the...

16 June 2013

This report is an update on the implementation of recommendations of World Heritage Committee decision: 36 COM 7B.8, Great Barrier Reef (Australia) (N 154).

WWF and AMCS remain concerned...