Land use

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8 Mar 2018

As the Victorian government introduced new policies for managing government land in 2015 and 2016, this audit focuses on surplus land sales conducted under the new policy framework.


20 Feb 2018

Environment Canterbury has released this report commissioned by the five agencies with statutory responsibility for land and water management in the iconic Mackenzie Basin.

Journal article

1 Feb 2018

Greenhouse gas emissions urgently need to be reduced. Even with a step up in mitigation, the goal of limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 °C remains challenging. Consequences of missing these goals are substantial, especially on regional scales. Because progress in the reduction...


12 Dec 2017

This audit report considers whether Queensland's approach to strategic transport planning enables effective use of transport resources and a transport system that is sustainable over the long term.


5 Dec 2017

This report presents seven case studies of removal and remediation of asbestos contaminated soils in a variety of settings, including large scale inner-city developments and regional landfill remediation.

Conference paper

3 Dec 2017

This paper describes the development and calibration of a model developed for the Illawarra region to aid regional planning for transport, housing and jobs.

Other text

21 Nov 2017

Australia's Agricultural Industries 2017 map provides a snapshot of agriculture's status and trend.

Research report

26 Oct 2017

Accurate soil moisture content data is invaluable having many practical and academic uses, including in agricultural development, natural disaster prediction, and civil and military works.

Discussion paper

20 Oct 2017

This resource aims to harmonise land use planning with the government’s overall strategy for developing the Northern Territory.

Discussion paper

3 Oct 2017

This consultation paper includes detailed information on the currently proposed delivery arrangements for Regional Land Partnerships.

Draft report

13 Sep 2017

The Western Australian Transport and Planning Minister has released the revised State Planning Policy 5.4: Road and Rail Noise (SPP5.4) and associated guidelines for public comment.


14 Aug 2017

These guidelines are intended to assist in determining appropriate land use planning in relation to bushfire prone areas across the State of Western Australia; specifying the requirements to be met at each stage of the planning process; and ensuring that necessary bushfire protection measures are...


New South Wales Auditor-General's report
10 Aug 2017

This audit reviewed the performance of the NSW Office of Strategic Lands (OSL). It found that the OSL does not currently have a strategic focus to improve land planning outcomes and also needs to address significant financial risks by implementing a proper, long-term financial strategy....


27 Jul 2017

The NSW Government proposes to establish the Greater Parramatta Priority Growth Area by including it in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006. This interim Plan identifies how more jobs, homes and essential services will be accommodated in the priority growth area...


Bringing good ideas to life
24 Jul 2017

These guidelines set out the criteria for submitting market-led proposals for infrastructure or services, what is expected of proponents at each stage of the process, what proponents can expect from government at each stage of the process, and how proposals are to be assessed by...

Technical report

18 Jul 2017

This Regional Land Supply Assessment report analyses land supply in the Geraldton urban area, taking into account regional business and economic trends, lot activity and dwelling approvals, current residential densities, constraints to development and the potential timing of future land releases.


12 Jul 2017

This plan guides the NSW government’s land use planning priorities and decisions over the next twenty years. It represents a collaborative approach that closely integrates and aligns with the strategic planning for Canberra.


10 Jul 2017

The strategy paper calls on Australian governments to agree on a national framework for corridor protection to guide coordinated and meaningful action, to identify and protect land required for delivering future infrastructure.


30 Jun 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made clear his enthusiasm for an airport rail line, with or without state government support. Beyond airport access, this proposal highlights the potential for rail projects to shape Melbourne and feed an integrated public transport system that could serve its...


25 Jun 2017

This revised urban renewal strategy proposes changes to land use and built form controls that would provide over 35,000 dwellings to be constructed across the 11 Sydney Metro Station Precincts. It also sets out a list of infrastructure required to support renewal.