20 February 2017

This report focuses on the settlement of displaced people under the offshore component of Australia’s humanitarian migration program, by proposing a three-pronged approach to improve settlement...

Audio program
16 February 2017

Social researchers say the trend to part-time work is placing a heavy financial burden on families, and is also seeing the nation undergo a significant social change.

7 February 2017

The Summer 2017 edition of the NSW Economic Update presents a current snapshot of the NSW economy and provides relevant points of comparison with other Australian States and Territories.

31 January 2017

This article argues that a model that uses expert support to build employers’ capacity is proving a necessary first step to increase workplace participation for people with disability.

Blog post
22 January 2017

In order to develop effective policies to prevent or alleviate homelessness it’s important to understand what causes people to enter homelessness and then prevents them from finding adequate...

Discussion paper
22 January 2017

Sydney’s economic dividend continues, but so do its divides. This report reviews the evidence, analyses some key trends shaping Sydney and then recommends some interventions of strategic...

Data portal
6 January 2017

An interactive map which overlays ABS labour force regional data with NSW electoral boundaries to provide visual insight into what may be happening in electorates.

Briefing paper
22 December 2016

This paper considers the likely impact of a paid domestic violence leave provision on the payroll costs of employers.

16 December 2016

The abolition of Community Development Employment Projects has undermined economic renewal in remote Indigenous communities.

14 December 2016

Near the South Australia–Victoria border, a small community captures the highs and lows of the migration experience.