Expenditures, public


18 Dec 2017

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) shows this year's federal deficit has improved by $5.8 billion compared to forecasts in the May budget, but it is still going to hit more than $23 billion.


14 Dec 2017

This report examines whether the level crossing removal project is cost-effective in terms of whether it has improved, or is expected to improve, the safety and efficiency of the state’s road and rail network.


6 Dec 2017

This information report seeks to provide greater transparency on procurement activity in the Australian public sector.

Journal article

5 Dec 2017

This article argues that the adoption of neo-liberalist ideology and the assumptions of this ideology were the driving force behind the increased use of contractors by Australia’s Department of Defence.


10 Nov 2017

In 2012 new arrangements regarding the remuneration of Commonwealth departmental secretaries came into effect. This paper sets out the revised system.


9 Nov 2017

This Quick Guide summarises the often complex funding and disclosure laws in each Australian state and territory for the purpose of comparison.

Research report

23 Oct 2017

In 2012–13, hospital admitted patient expenditure was estimated at $45.0 billion, and accounted for almost one third (31%) of total health expenditure.


19 Oct 2017

This audit assessed the effectiveness of controls being implemented or developed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to ensure National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) access decisions are consistent with legislative and other requirements


28 Sep 2017

This audit examined whether the Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) is meeting its obligations efficiently and the effectiveness of Commonwealth shareholders in monitoring value for money.


27 Sep 2017

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the design process and monitoring arrangements for the National Innovation and Science Agenda by the relevant entities.


22 Aug 2017

This audit assessed whether selected grant programs are being administered efficiently by the Australia Council in relation to suitable comparators.

Journal article

14 Aug 2017

Explores some key questions to ask of potential future governments in relation to health policy in New Zealand


4 Aug 2017

This quick guide outlines the broad arrangements around private health insurance that exist today. It provides brief information on the industry and regulatory arrangements, private health insurance membership and types of cover, government surcharges and incentives, and key features of private health insurance in Australia....


24 Jul 2017

These guidelines set out the criteria for submitting market-led proposals for infrastructure or services, what is expected of proponents at each stage of the process, what proponents can expect from government at each stage of the process, and how proposals are to be assessed by...

Policy report

19 Jul 2017

The Infrastructure Pipeline is Building Queensland’s independent assessment of infrastructure proposals under development by Queensland Government agencies, including departments, government-owned corporations and nominated statutory authorities.

Policy report

18 Jul 2017

The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) Parts A and B outline the Queensland infrastructure priorities to grow the economy, create jobs and provide quality services to Queenslanders. It provides a framework to allow government to plan and prioritise infrastructure investment and delivery in a fiscally responsible...

Research report

16 Jul 2017

Revision of the federation is imperative to allow the states to reclaim full control over both funding and policy responsibility for health.


10 Jul 2017

Members of Parliament regularly receive requests directly or through their electorate offices about funding opportunities for community groups. This backgrounder is designed to assist in responding to these requests.


5 Jul 2017

Australia has the highest rate of population growth of all the medium and large OECD countries. But urban planning for this growth is often inadequate.


19 Jun 2017

This essay examines the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's history, purpose, and potential future direction.