Mental health


7 Dec 2017

In 2017, for the first time in the survey’s history young people identified mental health as the most important issue in Australia today. Concerns about mental health have doubled since 2015 and tripled since 2011. Other top issues of national concern included alcohol and drugs...


4 Dec 2017

The Australia Institute and the LGBTI National Health Alliance surveyed more than 9,500 LGBTIQ+ Australians and their allies between 16 October and 14 November 2017, of whom more than 7,500 completed every question.

These are preliminary results from selected questions...

Journal article

1 Dec 2017


Major depressive disorder (MDD) in children (5–12 years of age) is a confronting and serious psychiatric illness. MDD has significant ramifications for the psychosocial development of the child, yet it remains under-recognised and undertreated. General practice is where these children and their...

Research report

13 Nov 2017

Digital Me, is the latest in a series of surveys conducted by the Australian Psychological Society, to examine issues affecting the wellbeing of Australians.

It has been conducted as part of Psychology Week, an annual initiative that aims to increase public awareness of how...


14 Oct 2017

The Fifth Plan sets out to achieve outcomes in eight priority areas that align with specific aims and policy directions in the National Mental Health Policy. These priority areas do not reflect all the aims and policy directions in the National Mental Health Policy but...


13 Oct 2017

Mental illness comprises a wide range of disorders and varies in its severity. The effect of mental illness can be severe on the individuals and families concerned and its influence is far-reaching for society as a whole. Social problems commonly associated with mental illness include...



22 Aug 2017

Key findings

Rates of self-harm and suicidal behaviour are high among Australian teens. Among 14-15 year olds, one in ten reported that they had self-harmed in the previous 12 months, and 5% reported they had attempted suicide.

Girls appeared to be at...

Audio interview

17 Aug 2017

A bi-partisan Senate committee is urging the Turnbull Government to urgently overhaul the care provided to veterans following a long-running inquiry into veteran suicide. The report, titled ' Constant Battle ,' reveals that 325 ADF former personnel have taken their lives between 2001 and 2015....


15 Aug 2017

This was a very large and complex inquiry with terms of reference which could easily have taken multiple reports to cover. Rather than produce a number of reports, the committee has sought to table this report as soon as possible. The clear message to the...


2 Aug 2017

Earlier this year we co-authored a report based on data collected in the Youth Survey with the Black Dog Institute looking at young people and mental illness over the past five years; prior to that we produced a report on young people and homelessness. Both...


1 Aug 2017

A large body of research shows that living in cities can harm our health. We know poor urban design can lead to people being less physically active, which is a factor in weight problems, obesity and cancers. But did you know urban life might lead...


Research report

1 Aug 2017

Seven million Australians live in remote and rural Australia. On average, these seven million Australians have poorer health outcomes and live shorter lives than city residents. For example, the premature death rate is 1.6 times higher in remote Australia than in city areas. The percentage...

Policy report

26 Jul 2017

Not all suicide is the same and youth suicide often has different drivers to suicide at later ages. Further while much is spoken and argued about its prevention, it remains a complex and contentious area with much advocacy for unproven interventions.

In particular this...

Journal article

26 Jul 2017

According to literary legend, Shangri-La is an idyllic and harmonious place. Mental health is aspiring to its own Shangri-La in the shape of better integrated care. But do current reforms make integrated practice more or less likely? And what can be done to increase the...

Research report

10 Jul 2017

Every day, eight people die by suicide in Australia, including two people in NSW. The majority are males. Suicides are the 13th ranked cause of death in Australia, with a higher number of deaths than breast cancer and skin cancer. For people aged 15 to...

Research report

6 Jul 2017

This report provides a summary of a research project undertaken by the University of South Australia for MATES in Construction (MIC) South Australia. The purpose of this project was to explore the impacts of MIC SA on those who had participated in General Awareness Training...

Research report

5 Jul 2017

This report sheds some light on the activities that take place on beyondblue ’s mental health support forums. Around 88,000 people visit the forums per month (6,800 posts per month at 10 a month per active user). Given the forums are restricted to people in...


30 Jun 2017

This in-brief report summarises results on the incidence of suicide among serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel using fifteen years of data and identifies characteristics that may be associated with risk of suicide.

In 2001–2015 there were 325 certified suicide deaths among...


6 Jun 2017

Each federal budget is invariably followed by weeks, and sometimes months, in which policy analysts unearth the real benefits and costs of spending decisions. Too often, what they discover are flaws in the logic of new policies, a lack of appropriate modelling, evidence of cost-shifting...

Research report

23 May 2017

Survivors of sexual violence can experience a range of trauma-related mental health problems, and pre-existing mental illness can also increase women’s vulnerability to sexual violence. However, although mental health and sexual violence services often see the same women, there is often a lack of communication...