Technological innovations

17 January 2017

Marketing materials for 'off-the-shelf' smart home control devices are analysed, including a summary of proposed benefits and lifestyle enhancements. Potential detriments and energy consumption...

18 October 2016

Provides an update on Papua New Guinea’s research and development regulatory framework, which has seen substantial changes over the past 18 months.

15 October 2016

As the nature of work has changed, so too must the education curriculum. Skills and technical knowledge that were once a necessity for the work environment have now become redundant, and have been...

29 August 2016

This research report examines the role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in meeting the skills required for Australia's growth.

Audio interviewAudio program
26 August 2016

Interview with Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, about his belief that Australia has the technical expertise to compete on the world's innovation stage.

6 July 2016

Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United States are leading the world when it comes to generating economic impact from investments in information and...

Briefing paper
15 June 2016

This paper outlines the status of progress towards delivering on the 2020 target of 33,000 GWh of new large-scale renewable energy generation.

19 May 2016

Provides guidance on strategies for US Federal agencies to use when developing or expanding their individual Big Data research and development plans.

19 May 2016

ALP 2016 election campaign policy on digitisation and connectivity in Australia, and the opportunities presented.

Audio program
16 May 2016

Which industry sectors will drive Australia’s future growth and create new job opportunities?