Audio program
19 March 2017

Too many students and not enough classrooms. How did government's get it so wrong?

14 February 2017

This resource contains the text of Ken Boston's keynote address to the TJ Ryan Foundation's 3rd anniversary symposium, at QUT Gardens Point campus in Brisbane, on 14 February 2017.

5 February 2017

Australia’s education system needs comprehensive reform to tackle widespread student disengagement in the classroom.

2 February 2017

The proportion of Australian children enrolled in government schools increased slightly in 2016, continuing the shift starting in 2015 towards government schooling.

1 February 2017

Schools in Australia and New Zealand set off in opposite directions in the 1970s. Tom Greenwell looks at where they have ended up.

21 December 2016

Discusses cross-system collaborative efforts in the US, Scotland and Denmark to keep young people in school and out of the justice system and puts forward 12 recommendations for improvements to...

14 December 2016

Brings together data across all areas of education to prompt governments to consider a more planned and consistent approach to distributing resources.

13 December 2016

Presents the final NAPLAN results for 2016 by gender, Indigenous status, language background other than English status, parental occupation, parental education, and geolocation at each year level...

27 November 2016

This report contends that a new deal among governments and school systems can end Australia’s toxic school funding debate and transform teaching and learning in schools, without costing the...

25 October 2016

Dr Peter Goss considers school age population growth and its impact on schools planning.