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15 Nov 2018

This project sought to understand the impact of this Child-At-Risk (CAR) electronic Medical Record (eMR) alert information sharing system on outcomes for women and children. This included understanding how staff responded to seeing Child-At-Risk alerts on a client’s eMR, the practices that were carried out...

Journal article

8 Oct 2018

Anecdotal evidence from Australia and abroad suggests that health professionals may fear potential legal and/or professional repercussions if their patient dies after receiving pain relieving medication at the end of life. As a result, patients may be under-medicated and their pain and other symptoms not...


30 Aug 2018

Health justice partnerships are part of a growing movement that is seeing health and legal services working collaboratively to address a previously unmet legal need. Yet, until now, there has been no reliable data about the number, nature and scope of health justice partnerships across...

Journal article

6 Jun 2018

This paper reports on a multifaceted response to build capacity and willingness of health professionals to identify signs of family violence and engage with referral pathways to on‐site legal assistance.


15 Dec 2017

This report asserts that a national conversation around evidence-based care and eliminating unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures through better discussions between clinicians and consumers is certainly taking hold.


12 Sep 2017

This report draws on specifically commissioned research involving more than 1300 RACGP Fellows from all parts of Australia, as well as information from the MABEL (Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life) Survey and a range of government publications, to provide a unique overview of...

Draft report

4 Sep 2017

This review is recommending the adoption of consistent accrual accounting and business standards and thedevelopment of a single set of funding principles to guide the setting of fees and charges for accreditation andthe application of a transparent cost recovery policy and methodology.


29 Aug 2017

This report provides an overview of the outcomes of a stakeholder workshop exploring the potential of Digital Health Technologies.


23 Jun 2017

This report outlines an analysis of the dermatology workforce and the results of updated supply and demand projections, as well as considering capacity and distribution for vocational training into the future.


8 Mar 2017

The latest Australian Child Health Poll has revealed a worrying pattern of practice in Australian health care, in which some unvaccinated children are being refused care by health care providers.

The poll found that one in six Australian children who are not up-to-date with...

Discussion paper

27 Feb 2017

The purpose of this Accreditation Systems Review is to build upon the information collated through the NRAS Review and provide advice to the Ministerial Council on the governance, structure and cost-effectiveness of accreditation systems in the National Scheme.

Journal article

1 Dec 2016


Objective: This study aimed to investigate factors that inhibit and facilitate discussion about alcohol between general practitioners (GPs) and patients.

Design: Data analysis from a cross-sectional survey.

Setting and participants: 894 GP delegates of a national health seminar series held...

Journal article

20 Nov 2016

There are numerous factors putting health-care professionals (HCP) at a higher risk of substance abuse and premature death, including high-stress jobs, access to controlled substances, long hours of practice and constant contact with the critically ill. This study aimed to examine fatal drug toxicity in...

Annual Report

10 Nov 2016

More than 657,000 health practitioners are now registered as part of Australia’s national registration and accreditation scheme, as detailed in the 2015/16 annual report published today by AHPRA, representing a growth of 20,000 more health practitioners over the past year.

The 2015/16 annual report...


9 Nov 2016

Doctors are the most trusted profession in Australia, along with nurses and pharmacists, according to social research published today into community and doctors’ views about trust, confidence and fitness to practise in the medical profession.

The Medical Board of Australia commissioned the independent social...


7 Nov 2016

Over a number of years, ASMR has observed, with deep concern, the erosion of Australia’s health and medical research workforce. A large proportion of this workforce is supported by the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the peak funding body for Australian health and...


8 Aug 2016

This anaesthesia report is part of the first segment of analysis under the capacity and distribution work. This report involves updating the supply and demand projections previously completed by the former Health Workforce Australia (HWA) and published in Health Workforce 2025 - Medical Specialists Volume...

Journal article

15 Apr 2016



Discussion of religion and/or spirituality in the medical consultation is desired by patients and known to be beneficial. However, it is infrequent. We aimed to identify why this is so.


We set out to answer...


9 Mar 2016

The Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Doctors (AFHW-Doctors) report published in December 2014 indicated that Australia’s health workforce is under pressure and must undergo significant transformation to meet future demands for healthcare. Despite the projected overall position of oversupply, imbalances within the medical specialty workforces...


9 Mar 2016

This psychiatry report is the first to be produced under the capacity and distribution work. It involves updating the supply and demand projections previously completed by the former Health Workforce Australia (HWA) and published in Health Workforce 2025-Medical Specialists Volume 3 (HW 2025 Vol 3).



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