Educational planning

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7 Mar 2018

The former NSW education minister says Australia has a cultural problem when it comes to schooling.


5 Mar 2018

Labor’s shadow education minister faces the problem of working out why school reform has failed, and what a federal education minister could do about it.


28 Feb 2018

Practical ways forward for higher education policy reform include fixing the dysfunctional relationship between higher and vocational education or government-sponsored analysis of the future of work.


7 Feb 2018

There is limited evidence to support the idea that making physical changes to classrooms boosts learning outcomes. The reason for this is schools are complex places.

Discussion paper

26 Nov 2017

This discussion paper explores the conceptual relationship between adaptation and education, examining why better teaching is an adaptive process, why we need an adaptive system, and how best to create one.

Research report

13 Oct 2017

This research investigates the incidence of being persistently NEET among those aged 15–24, the socio-demographic characteristics associated with the NEET state, and the outcomes at ages 20–24 for those who had one or more periods of being persistently NEET from ages 15 through to 19,...

Audio interview

12 Oct 2017

Tougher English language requirements for foreign students will protect the reputation of Australia's education sector, according to Federal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham.


12 Sep 2017

This report addresses the needs of a range of users - from governments seeking to learn policy lessons to the general public wanting to monitor how its country’s schools are progressing in producing world-class students.

Discussion paper

6 Sep 2017

This issues paper describes the context and objectives of the review to achieve educational excellence, and poses a series of questions intended to stimulate thinking around how success can be defined and measured, what can be done to improve and how ongoing improvement can be...

Research report

1 Feb 2017

At the request of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Industry Skills Council (ISC) and the Skills Senior Officials Network (SSON), a National Training Product Reform Group, comprising representatives from all of the jurisdictions, considered the longer-term reform of training products. This exercise, conducted during...

Research report

29 Aug 2016

Education is at the core of a thriving economy and while Australia has historically had a comparative advantage in its highly-educated workforce, this is being eroded. At the same time, the challenges posed by emerging technologies that threaten to make current skills obsolete pose a...



23 Aug 2016

The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) was formed in 2001 to "stimulate collaboration between selected liberal arts colleges and to act as a catalyst for the effective integration of emerging and newer digital technologies into teaching, learning, scholarship, and information management." In...

Annual Report

27 May 2016

This annual report provides a summary of the NSW Department of Education's services, achievements and operational activities for 2015.

It covers our services in the areas of public schools, early childhood education and care and Aboriginal affairs. It also includes the operations of vocational...



5 May 2016

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been prepared by the Ministry of Education (the Ministry). This RIS provides an analysis of options for establishing an enduring strategic direction for early childhood services and schools.

It forms part of a group of four RISs that...

Research report

29 Apr 2016

This report was commissioned by the Australian Education Union to examine the economic case in favour of the full implementation of the school funding reforms outlined by the Review of School Funding (Gonski Review).

Australia has been recognised as consistently outperforming most OECD countries...

Research report

16 Dec 2015

The Government has outlined its vision for training in the Education State, with the publication of the VET Funding Review and the Government’s Response, Skills and Jobs in the Education State .

The independent VET Funding Review was established in February 2015 to help...

Conference paper

4 Dec 2015

This paper assesses the need for education services in the mining communities through a case study of the Moura Township in central Queensland, Australia. The study involves a case study approach with a survey method to assess the current performance and the need for education...

Briefing paper

21 Oct 2015

The Department of Education & Training (DET) is responsible for providing an effective, efficient and accessible birth-to-adulthood learning and development system that supports students and service providers across Victoria. Its 10-year goal is to become a world leader in learning and development.

DET is...

Research report

26 Jun 2015

Changing the way services are delivered in order to improve educational, health and wellbeing outcomes for children is not achieved simply through new buildings and co-locating services. It requires developing shared understanding, a shared vision and a new culture of service delivery between services and...


1 Apr 2015

The release of this draft strategy marks the beginning of consultation to ensure the final strategy represents a shared national vision and responsibility toward international education. The six core goals in the report are:

Creating a world-class education system To be globally competitive,...