Minimum wage

Research report

23 Aug 2017

This project builds on previous Australian and recent international research to develop a set of budget standards for low-paid and unemployed Australians and their families.

Research report

AHURI Final Report 280
15 May 2017

This study investigated the relationships between housing, housing markets and the labour market.

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6 Apr 2016

The Federal court will today hear an application from the Transport Workers Union to reinstate a minimum pay order for truck drivers. The new minimum pay rates were set to come in this week but a business group successfully argued for an injunction, saying the...


12 Nov 2015

90 per cent of interns work for free or below the minimum wage, according to this report


In 2015, Interns Australia conducted a survey of 503 respondents on their experiences with internships. The online survey was conducted over a period...

Research report

13 Aug 2015

This paper outlines the history of penalty rates in Australia and gives a snapshot of the contemporary debate on the topic. Then, focusing on the retail and hospitality sectors, it looks at proposals aimed at reducing or removing penalty rates all together. As an important...

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17 Apr 2015

What is the real cost of your three dollar t-shirt?

If you're a fashion lover you might recognise a designer label, but can you tell where the fabric came from? Or who dyed the cotton?

A new report is being released today scrutinises...

Research report

16 Apr 2015

Examines the increased risk of child and forced labour in the fashion industry, as many local companies are unable to trace or fail to monitor their supply chains.


It’s been two years since the fatal Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh,...

Research report

1 May 2009

Executive summary

The Australian Fair Pay Commission undertakes ongoing research and consultation programs to ensure its wage-setting decisions take into account economic and social circumstances of low-paid Australians and their employers. The information, gathered through stakeholder consultations, submissions and economic research, has been...

Research report

15 Jul 2008

ACOSS's submission to the Fair Pay Commission calls for a substantial rise in minimum wages to help ease financial pressures on low paid workers from rising rents, food and fuel prices. It argues that the financial security of low paid households rests on three pillars:...

Research report

15 Nov 2005

Analysing the characteristics of low wage workers, Andrew Leigh finds that those who earn near-minimum wages are disproportionately female, unmarried and young, without post-school qualifications and overseas born. About a third of near-minimum wage workers are the sole worker in their household. Using various plausible...



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