Public health

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Policy report

30 Sep 2017

This report examines the New Zealand health reforms of the early 2000s, central to which were the creation of primary health organisations (PHOs) and a programme to subsidise primary care for all New Zealanders.

Journal article

14 Feb 2018

Little is known about how socioeconomic position might have affected health prior to the Second World War. This article looks at lifespan by occupational class in two cohorts in New Zealand.

Journal article

31 Jan 2018

This research examined iTaukei women's awareness and practice of family planning methods. The research was conducted in New Zealand and Fiji to ascertain differences in behaviour within the context of changing developmental settings.

Research report

30 Jan 2018

This report presents data at a state and territory level for the first 4 years (2013–14 to 2016–17) of the Public Dental Waiting Times National Minimum Data Set.


30 Jan 2018

This report provides an assessment of the evidence for sugar taxes as a fiscal instrument to improve health. Forty-seven peer-reviewed studies and working papers published in the last five years were reviewed, summarised and assessed for key methodological issues.


29 Jan 2018

Presents the latest available data on new cases of type 1 diabetes, insulin-treated type 2 diabetes and insulin-treated gestational diabetes, as part of the ongoing national reporting using the 2016 National (insulin-treated) Diabetes Register.

Research report

24 Jan 2018

This document provides an overview of information gained from influenza surveillance in New Zealand in 2016. The New Zealand influenza surveillance system compiles information from a variety of sources on disease burden, epidemiology, viral aetiology, risk factors, clinical presentation and outcomes, and vaccine effectiveness.

Discussion paper

19 Jan 2018

This consultation paper examines the issues around prescription opioid use and misuse in Australia and explores options for a regulatory response to issues identified.


21 Dec 2017

These guidelines are directed at non-workplace exposure to asbestos in the air and to help public health units of district health boards address public concerns and give sensible advice.

Journal article

19 Dec 2017

Background: There is growing recognition amongst health and medical research funders and researchers that translation of research into policy and practice needs to increase and that more transparency is needed on how impacts are realised. Several approaches are advocated for achieving this, including co-production of...

Draft report

11 Dec 2017

This draft strategy continues the long-standing national commitment to tackling risky alcohol use and related harm in the community, through a combination of law enforcement, prevention, early intervention and health care strategies.

Journal article

7 Dec 2017

This article explores the application of evidence based risk communication to community messaging about naturally occurring asbestos (NOA).


6 Dec 2017

This report examines the improvement of the safety of drinking water in New Zealand, lessons to be learned from the Havelock North outbreak, and changes which should be made to achieve those goals.


29 Nov 2017

This study, examining the progress made against the landmark Baume Report’s recommendations, has found that despite substantive progress on drink driving, governments have failed over the last four decades to make any significant headway in implementing effective alcohol policy to tackle the price, promotion and...


27 Nov 2017

This report shows that the transparent and coordinated approach taken by all governments has had a positive impact, as they work towards the elimination of asbestos-related diseases in Australia.

Research report

24 Nov 2017

Overweight and obesity is a major public health issue, second only to tobacco smoking as a risk factor contributing to the burden of disease in Australia. This report looks at the prevalence of overweight and obesity by birth cohort to examine potential differences at a...

Data portal

24 Nov 2017

This web report provides interactive data displays on the prevalence of overweight and obesity, differences in the prevalence between certain population groups and what is happening over time.


22 Nov 2017

This report provides further information on physical inactivity as a risk factor for disease burden in Australia. It includes a revised list of diseases linked to physical inactivity, updated estimates of their association, and a broader definition of physical activity.


16 Nov 2017

Nutrition is an important, but under-appreciated, component of Chinese food security. A greater appreciation of the role that access to nutritious food plays in economic productivity could help to reduce the economic burden of an ageing population.


15 Nov 2017

This paper describes the history and development of collective impact, with a focus on Australia, and includes two case studies to examine how collective impact is currently being practised in Australia.