Cities and towns


5 Dec 2017

Australian cities and regions are orphans. Responsibility for managing their economy (in terms of taxation, planning, infrastructure provision, regulation and economic development) fall between all tiers of government.

Official statistics tend not to publish economic data in more detail than the state level. For...


8 Nov 2017

Technological and economic changes have created new opportunities in small-scale manufacturing and the “maker” economy, which present a chance for communities to make progress on several important economic development issues. Small-scale manufacturing can grow local entrepreneurship and small business, develop or enhance new and existing...


26 Oct 2017

Australia is increasingly linked to a fast-growing global population. The populations of Sydney and Melbourne are both expected to exceed 8.5 million by 2061. What will Australia’s cities look like then? Will they still be among the world’s lowest-density cities?

Such sprawling cities result...

Draft report

20 Oct 2017

The vision seeks to meet the needs of a growing and changing population by transforming Greater Sydney into a metropolis of three cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City. It brings new thinking to land use...

Audio podcast

20 Oct 2017

Urban thinker Julie Wagner describes how so-called innovation districts in cities around the world evolve or are planned, and how their reliance on the physical and the local — in even the most high tech of industries — serves to foster creativity and collaboration....


16 Oct 2017

Vital Signs is a report series that gathers good-quality data about a city from reputable sources to provide a snapshot of its community. Vital Signs identifies things to celebrate and things to improve.

Community foundations provide grants for...


16 Oct 2017

Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 takes the ‘pulse’ of our city. It provides a snapshot of its health and vitality and identifies the things to celebrate and the issues we face as we all create a sustainable and resilient city.

In August 2017, the...

Research report

12 Oct 2017

The co-benefits of urban liveability for the economy, social inclusion, environmental and social sustainability, and public health are now well recognised by all levels of government in Australia and internationally. Liveable communities are safe, socially cohesive and inclusive, and environmentally sustainable. They have affordable housing...


11 Oct 2017

Improved transport has enabled our cities to expand whilst still adhering to this rule. From the advent and evolution of public transport to the increased accessibility of personal vehicles, people can access a greater geographical area than ever before. However, we are now reaching...

Journal article

25 Sep 2017

Metropolitan planning and development of Australia’s cities for much of the past 75 years has been strongly influenced by what could be termed the “North American model” of low-density, car-dependent suburban development on greenfield master-planned housing estates. The negative social, economic and environmental consequences associated...

Draft report

22 Sep 2017

The Leeuwin-Naturaliste sub-region is renowned for its unique lifestyle, landscape, environmental values and amenity. These attributes are linked with a stable and diverse economic base and proximity to Bunbury and Perth, making the sub-region a key tourist destination and attractive place in which to invest....


21 Sep 2017

Innovation is the highest in regional centres that have research and development institutions and there are only 26 of these in regional Australia. But more than 150 regional areas have potential to match this innovation, a new index finds.

Read the full article at...


20 Sep 2017

This project’s objective was to inform the horticulture industry and the 202020 Vision’s identification of priority areas for greening. Our central question was: how can local government greening efforts be most effective in addressing differences in metropolitan residents’ social, economic and health outcomes and vulnerabilities,...


5 Sep 2017

The Regional Australia Institute and LinkedIn since 2016 have mapped data on local skills and job mobility of workers in eight regional Australian cities: Townsville, Sunshine Coast-Noosa, Greater Newcastle, Wollongong, Launceston, Darwin, Geelong and Hobart.

This work has been providing local leaders with critical...

Policy report

3 Sep 2017

The first Digital Brisbane strategy launched in 2013, before ride-sharing services were commonplace, and when social media was still free. Small business owners didn’t know how they were going to be affected by technology and disruption, and the Australian entrepreneurial push was in its infancy....


31 Aug 2017

Regional Capitals Australia (RCA) is pleased to present this second submission for consideration by the Productivity Commission (the Commission) and welcomes the potential for the study’s outcome to inform the government’s approach to regional policy. RCA is a growing alliance of 31 local governments across...


21 Aug 2017

The fast growing outer suburbs are in transition, economically as well as demographically. Their populations and their economies are becomingmore diverse. Their economic and housing role has become even more important against the backdrop of rapid economic growth of our cities, agglomeration, and the rise...

Discussion paper

14 Aug 2017

The Macedon Ranges Shire Council, in partnership with the Victorian Government, has engaged Village Well and ASPECT Studios to develop a masterplan for the Hanging Rock precinct.

The project offers a unique opportunity to review the range of activities and existing physical context of...


14 Aug 2017

Local governments can play a significant role in supporting communities in local areas that are disadvantaged and/or are going through a process of local renewal. A changing focus for local government in supporting communities through these renewal processes is to adopt a more facilitative and...


13 Aug 2017

This policy establishes a baseline of what is expected to achieve good design, across all projects in NSW. Good design is a phrase that encapsulates the aspirations of Better Placed including its vision for NSW, its definition of good process, and its outline of objectives...