People with disabilities--Government policy


29 Nov 2018

The objective of this audit was to examine if Social Services and Human Services drive improvements in the Disability Support Pension program using data and information from multiple sources, including agreed Auditor-General and parliamentary committee recommendations.


A Special Report to Parliament under section 31 of the Ombudsman Act 1974
2 Nov 2018

This report demonstrates the need for a comprehensive safeguarding approach in NSW for vulnerable adults living in the community – including an effective response to the abuse and neglect of both vulnerable adults with disability and older people.


27 Aug 2018

This is an outcomes evaluation of arts and sports projects for people with disability. The projects are funded by icare lifetime care, the NSW government agency that provides support to people who were injured in a motor vehicle accident.


31 Jul 2018

The Victorian government funded the Victorian Refugee Health Network to complete a needs assessment of the responsiveness of the disability and refugee health service system in northern Melbourne. This report details the outcomes of the needs assessment and makes recommendations for service and policy changes...


Recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers
26 Jul 2018

This strategy aims to provide a framework for the many undertakings and investments the Victorian government has already made to support carers, as well as future work to address the things that matter most to carers.

Discussion paper

24 Jul 2018

The NDA is a high level agreement between the Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments, signed in 2008 (with a 2009 commencement) and then updated in 2012. It spans many aspects of disability policy, service provision, performance assessment and reporting. This issues paper has been...


13 Jul 2018

The NDIS emerged from years of discussions about problems with the existing disability support arrangements, the need for reform, and proposals for new models of disability support. Key developments in the realisation of the NDIS are outlined in this paper.


29 Jun 2018

Victorian children with a disability continue to experience discrimination, exclusion and disadvantage in mainstream government schools, according to this report.

Annual Report

6 Jun 2018

The Victorian disability plan recognises that much needs to be done. It also recognises that the best way to measure progress will be to look at the outcomes experienced by people with disability over time across areas such as health, education, employment, housing and safety....

Discussion paper

31 May 2018

This paper asks for feedback on how to make sure that if supported school transport is in the NDIS, it is safe, flexible, affordable and reliable. It explores how supported school transport could work in the NDIS in a nationally consistent way. The potential model...

Briefing paper

29 May 2018

Leading up to the budget there has been a good deal of concern over the status of the NDIS, also known as DisabilityCare Australia. It is important to understand just what is going on and how secure the funding might be.


9 Apr 2018

This consolidated report contains findings based on all data collections undertaken over the course of the evaluation, including surveys and interviews with NDIS participants, their families and carers, disability support providers, and other stakeholders.


28 Mar 2018

This strategy is intended to optimise the independence and self-determination of disabled people in New Zealand, in line with the Enabling Good Lives principles that support people with a disability to make decisions about the kind of life they want.

Policy report

Report prepared for Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria and SalvoConnect
23 Mar 2018

This report finds that while only around 10% of Victorians living with severe mental illness are expected to be eligible for the NDIS, critical community mental health services, supporting all Victorians living with severe mental illness, are being decommissioned to fund the scheme.


20 Feb 2018

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) represents a large component of social security spending for the Australian government. This report examines the factors underlying the recent decline in DSP expenditure, highlighting the impacts of changes in government policy.


15 Feb 2018

The committee received a wealth of information and evidence throughout the inquiry. As a result, the committee has made twenty-six recommendations, which aim to ensure that improved and appropriate arrangements can be put in place to provide necessary and reasonable supports for all NDIS participants...


8 Feb 2018

This strategy document outlines the Victorian government’s three year plan to enhance the economic participation of people with disability.

Briefing paper

1 Feb 2018

This Research Brief derives from the 2016 Parenting Today in Victoria Study conducted and analysed by the Parenting Research Centre, and funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.


15 Dec 2017

Governments have yet to create a coherent strategy to help the almost three million Australians providing informal care, writes Lesley Russell.


7 Dec 2017

This report makes twenty recommendations which aim to strengthen the effectiveness of the NDIS to ensure that children can be appropriately supported to reach their full potential.



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