People with disabilities

Research report
28 February 2017

This report was commissioned by the Blind Foundation to analyse the economic impact of improved access to employment for people with disabilities in New Zealand.

15 February 2017

This report uses data collected in rounds four and five of UNICEF’s Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys programme (MICS) to describe the wellbeing of young children with and without developmental...

Journal article
8 February 2017

The deaths of more than 700 Australian adults with an intellectual disability could have been avoided with more appropriate health care and monitoring, a UNSW study has revealed.

9 December 2016

Representatives of disability and justice-related agencies in Queensland and Western Australia were interviewed for this research. The findings will be useful to policymakers and those who work in...

25 November 2016

With disability support providers critical to the success of the NDIS, it’s vital they are involved in co-design of the scheme, including pricing, and a clear plan is in place to help further with...

Discussion paper
7 November 2016

This commissioned discussion paper set out to provide a reasoned analysis of the historical, social and policy context surrounding children with disability and to examine the evidence about...

Discussion paper
22 August 2016

This NSW Law Reform Commission question paper has been released to seek input on preconditions for alternative decision-making arrangements.

31 July 2016

Healthy, engaged people and communities will be crucial in a prosperous future for New South Wales.

26 July 2016

This report distinguishes the particular support and service needs of victims of institutional child sexual abuse and how these needs may differ from victims of non-institutional child sexual...

15 June 2016

The Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide was created by Media Access Australia to provide guidance on how best to address accessibility-related issues for people with cognitive...