Government accountability

Research report

9 Oct 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess whether effective arrangements have been established by Finance to achieve value for money outcomes for Commonwealth leased office property.


Solomon Lecture 2018
24 Sep 2018

"A decline in public trust and a rise in populism and alternative voices, is the biggest background trend facing governments. Global political events over the past few years have underlined serious and ongoing threats to the free flow of information and indeed to democracy itself."...


21 Sep 2018

This document, the second such plan devised for the nation, outlines the Australian government's aspirations for enhancing access to information, civic participation and public accountability in the digital age.

Draft report

20 Sep 2018

The Open Government Action Plan aims to transform the relationship between government and all the people it serves. The state sector reforms that have been proposed are aimed at making exciting and meaningful change to the way government works for citizens and engages with citizens....

Research report

19 Sep 2018

This audit assessed whether selected councils effectively plan for and deliver cost efficient frontline services that meet community needs. It also benchmarked corporate services expenditure and examined how councils look for and achieve efficiencies in their corporate services.

Research report

18 Sep 2018

Taxes in New Zealand have risen four times faster than incomes in the 20th Century. Taxes now take more of our income than in almost any country outside Europe. New Zealand has become a high tax country. This report looks at how good a job...

Research report

13 Sep 2018

This audit assessed how effectively the NSW government is progressing and reporting on the Premier's Priorities.

Discussion paper

7 Sep 2018

This paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws governing the review of administrative decisions, and seeks community input on this topic.

Research report

4 Sep 2018

This report recommends that NSW Procurement better understand agencies' business needs and assist them to improve capability and accountability for procurement.

Briefing paper

1 Sep 2018

This briefing paper explains the Open Budget Index (OBI) in more detail and discusses the state of budget transparency, participation and oversight in Australia, regionally and globally.


30 Aug 2018

The Australian people deserve a government that will act with integrity and in the best interests of the people they serve. All Ministers and Assistant Ministers are expected to conduct themselves in line with standards established in this statement in order to maintain the trust...

Research report

28 Aug 2018

The objective of this audit was to examine the efficiency of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) in detecting, investigating and preventing corrupt conduct.


23 Aug 2018

ICAC has released these guidelines to help NSW public sector agencies involved in direct negotiations with external parties to manage corruption risks, but recommends they avoid the practice if possible, due to the high level of those risks.

Research report

22 Aug 2018

The Community Development Grants Program (CDGP) was selected for audit due to Parliamentary interest in the award of program funding, including compliance with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs) and the proposed benefits from projects that have been awarded funding.

Journal article

14 Aug 2018

The paper discusses the problems that have plagued service delivery in Papua New Guinea—both over the long term and with the rollout of the District Development Authority Act of 2014. Various principal/agent and moral hazard problems are identified as well as the persistent poor delivery...

Research report

6 Aug 2018

In 2018, councils were required – for the second time since the Local Government Act 2002 (the Act) was amended in 2014 – to produce consultation documents for their long-term plans. This report is based on audits of the 2018-28 consultation documents. It is a...

Briefing paper

25 Jul 2018

This Democracy 100 brief reports that Australians should rightly be proud of their hard won democratic traditions and freedoms and the achievement of stable government which has delivered social and economic wellbeing for its citizens. However, the findings herein should give all democrats pause for...


10 Jul 2018

Billions of taxpayer dollars are committed before all the evidence for, and against, infrastructure projects is in, and basic rules of economic modelling are broken.

Research report

4 Jul 2018

The Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass, has tabled this second biennial report on the implementation of her investigations’ recommendations. The report covers the 125 recommendations made to state and local government bodies between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2018.

Research report

27 Jun 2018

The objective of this audit was to assess the department’s design, implementation and monitoring of select 2014–15 and 2015–16 Budget measures aimed at achieving $1.2 billion in savings and other benefits.



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