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21 Nov 2018

This report sets out our observations from our audits of the 27 public tertiary education institutions (TEIs). They consist of eight universities, 16 institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs), and three wānanga. There were 405,000 people, including 56,000 international students, enrolled at these institutions in 2017.


8 Nov 2018

Promoting inclusive education in practice, the celebrating cultural diversity program aims to support international pre-service teachers to experience success in their professional experience placements.


Preparing Australian universities for the coming wave of Indian students
31 Oct 2018

India is rapidly emerging as the biggest growth market opportunity for Australian universities. With estimates showing that Chinese student demand for international education in Australia is slowing in growth from 15% to 5-10% over the next decade, new strategies are necessary to realise the full...

Discussion paper

18 Sep 2018

The Ministry of Education, Education New Zealand, and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority are seeking input from the international education sector and individual providers on lifting the percentage rate of the Export Education Levy (EEL). The minister is required by the Education Act 1989 to...


13 Aug 2018

One in seven university students regularly go without food and other necessities because they cannot afford them, the latest national financial survey of Australian university students has found.


10 Aug 2018

The vision behind this strategy is for international education to contribute to a thriving and globally connected New Zealand, through world-class education.


2 Jun 2018

Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, has released this final draft of the International Education Strategy 2018-2030, and is encouraging New Zealanders to have their say through an online survey and sector meetings. This strategy takes a broad look at international education and its role in an...


22 May 2018

This publication provides a summary of the outcomes of international onshore students who completed their vocational education and training in Australia in 2016. These students were surveyed as an additional, trial component to the 2017 National Student Outcomes Survey, which is an annual survey of...


13 Apr 2018

The Department of Education and Training engaged Urbis to undertake this assessment of university investment in on-campus student accommodation to support an adequate supply of affordable accommodation for regional, rual and remote (RRR) students.


16 Oct 2017

Julie Bishop has issued a blunt warning to Chinese University students affiliated with the Communist Party, urging them to respect freedom of speech in Australia.

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12 Oct 2017

Tougher English language requirements for foreign students will protect the reputation of Australia's education sector, according to Federal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham.

Briefing paper

21 Sep 2017

This policy brief first explains the challenges related to Chinese international students and then specifies policy recommendations to deal with these concerns.

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21 Sep 2017

Academic staff at Australian universities have been targeted in Chinese social media campaigns after complaints from Chinese students that their teaching material was 'offensive.'

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25 Aug 2017

This research should inform policymakers, staff, faculty and administrators about the goals and expectations that Pacific Islander student-athletes bring with them to college, in order to better serve and support this population.


25 Feb 2016


This paper provides a chronology that draws on ministerial press statements to trace changes in Australia’s immigration policy in relation to overseas students between 1997 and June 2015. Immigration policies introduced in this period fundamentally changed the nature of migration to Australia....



6 Nov 2015

International students pay up to 400 per cent more than Australians when it comes to higher education. The reason, according to former neuroscientist Peter Osborne, has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with enforcing national privilege.

A university education,...


15 Aug 2015

Key points

The total value of Australian service exports was $57 billion in 2013-14 and about 17 per cent of total exports. The six services sectors covered in this study — tourism, education, financial services, professional services, information technology and health services — accounted...

Discussion paper

9 Jun 2015

This issues paper sets out the systemic issues we see in education providers’ monitoring and reporting of overseas students for unsatisfactory course progress and attendance.


The National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training for Overseas...


5 Jun 2015

Despite the publicity given to their plight, international students are still highly disadvantaged in the workforce.

International student workers are ubiquitous in the capital cities of Australia. Take a taxi in Sydney, there is a good chance the driver is an international student; walk...


22 May 2015

Australia has long been seen as a favoured destination for international students. The high quality of our education, and the appeal of the Australian lifestyle has attracted more than 2.5 million international students to our shores over the past half century. As our largest services...



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