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Discussion paper

24 Nov 2017

This paper draws on research undertaken in 2015 among coffee smallholders in Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, focusing specifically on some of the challenges faced by women coffee farmers in accessing financial services.

Research report

18 Oct 2017

This report highlights collective work in investigating heart health disparities among disadvantaged individuals and communities and innovative strategies that will reduce key inequalities.


18 Oct 2017

How will future retirees fare? This report examines the two global megatrends of population ageing and rising inequalities. Key themes for Australia are inequalities in income and health and large regional differences.


21 Jun 2017

The UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab works on the emerging issues of knowledge crowdsourcing and its translation into inclusive and equity-weighted policies.


15 Jun 2017

Drawing on the latest evidence and experience, this report offers a set of recommendations for how organisations can engage men effectively to achieve gender equality at work.


Challenging inequalities: pathways to a just world
1 Feb 2017

Inequality and social justice is the focus the 2016 World Social Science Report. It draws on the insights of over 100 social scientists and other thought leaders from all over the world, across various disciplines, to emphasize transformative responses to inequality at all levels, from...



11 Aug 2016

The implications for women of the world’s rapidly ageing population are profound. The gender inequalities they have experienced throughout their lives cumulate and become more visible as they grow older.

Australia lags behind most other developed countries when it comes to the economic and...


11 May 2016

On an international level, Australia performs well regards to its treatment of its LGBTIQ citizens. This standard of treatment does not, however, extend to LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Australia’s care. They routinely face humiliating and unnecessary scrutiny, are outed in front of fellow asylum seekers...

Research report

8 Mar 2016

This report by Catalyst Australia looks at the representation of women in leadership at companies included in the ASX50. This index lists Australia's largest publicly-owned companies that are considered leaders in their industry. This research assesses the ASX50 companies and gender equality in four areas:...


7 Mar 2016

A new report released by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) reveals that Australian women are financially disadvantaged at every key stage of their life: in childhood, at the workplace, through pregnancy, motherhood and as a carer, and in retirement.

The ACTU’s Gender...

Research report

3 Mar 2016

This unique and powerful report gives voice to the more than half a million older Australian women living in long-term income poverty. These women have given so much to the Australian economy during their younger lives as workers and carers but find themselves struggling to...


23 Feb 2016

A summary of gender-specific data in six areas of social concern for gender equality: Economic Security, Education, Health, Work and Family Balance, Safety and Justice, and Democracy, Governance and Citizenship.

In this issue Gender Indicators, Australia presents a summary of gender-specific data in...


19 Feb 2016

Professor Stephen Parker AO, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Canberra, presented the keynote address to the TJ Ryan Foundation's second anniversary event held in Brisbane on Tuesday, 16 February 2016. The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public...



16 Feb 2016

Tax reform is very much on the agenda, despite the PM backing away from a GST increase. Many experts point to the tax concessions enjoyed by wealthy Australians as a good place to start. Keri Phillips reports.

In Australia, the federal government raises most...

Discussion paper


12 Feb 2016

The Victorian Government is developing a Victorian Gender Equality Strategy.

Advancing gender equality increases women’s safety, security and wellbeing by encouraging a society based on respect and equality.

Gender equality also has tangible benefits for Victoria’s social and economic prosperity, as more women...

Research report

3 Feb 2016

The Power of Flexibility is the fifth in a series of landmark gender parity surveys by global management consulting firm Bain & Company and Chief Executive Women, Australia’s pre-eminent organisation of 360–senior women leaders.

Over 1000 members of the Australian business, government and not-for-profit...

Briefing paper

1 Feb 2016

Taxes have a wide range of rates, thresholds and burdens for different kinds of taxpayers. In general, we describe a tax as progressive or regressive by comparing the tax paid by an individual with the income of that individual.

A progressive tax is a...

Discussion paper

29 Nov 2015

This research paper, written by Emeritus Professor Alan Reid from the University of South Australia, describes:

Australia’s inequitable schooling system and explains how this has happened The consequences of having inadequate resources for children in need, the majority of whom are in public schools...

Research report

5 Nov 2015


Queensland Women 2015 provides an evidence base to report and assess equality of outcomes between women and men in Queensland.

Through an analysis of state-based, gender disaggregated statistics across a range of nationally and internationally recognised indicators for women, Queensland...

Research report

14 Oct 2015

Contains some sobering stories of poverty and inequality in prosperous Australia, finding overwhelmingly that people do not experience poverty because they choose to but as a result of a range of structural causes which push them to the margins.