Research report
27 April 2017

Anglicare Australia has called on the federal government to take urgent action on rental affordability in the upcoming budget, releasing the 2017 Rental Affordability Snapshot.

21 March 2017

A promising federal government homelessness strategy dissipated for lack of funding and political will, writes Lesley Russell.

16 March 2017

This cost benefit analysis found that it is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them 'sleeping rough.'

Video interview
20 February 2017

Interview with Tony Keenan, Launch Housing CEO, to discusses the outline of his presentation to the AHURI One-day conference, 'Homelessness and housing solutions.'

Case study
15 February 2017

This case study explores HomeGround Real Estate, an innovative model of delivering affordable housing pioneered by HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing) in Victoria.

14 February 2017

This report provides evidence from case studies of homelessness services into how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding...

Blog post
22 January 2017

In order to develop effective policies to prevent or alleviate homelessness it’s important to understand what causes people to enter homelessness and then prevents them from finding adequate...

16 December 2016

Indigenous Australians are 14 times more likely to become homeless than other Australians, and their homelessness situations are likely to be more severe. This research examined how the changing...

15 December 2016

The Specialist homelessness services 2015–16 web report is the fifth annual report from the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC). It describes the characteristics of clients of...

9 December 2016

This report reveals that individuals who experience multiple, cross-sector services in the specialist homelessness, protection or youth justice service areas are a particularly vulnerable group....