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20 Nov 2017

In September 2017 we surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 young Australians aged 8-16 years to understand their news engagement practices and experiences. The analysis provided in this report considers the overall results and compares this with results filtered specifically to account for gender...

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15 Oct 2017

Journalists say freedom of the press in Fiji is at an all-time low, with repercussions for those who upset the government.

First-hand accounts and leaked documents reveal the extent of the Fijian government’s control over the media and public service.


13 Oct 2017

The BBC charter is up for renewal, and members of senior and middle management have been co-opted into a working group “to identify what the BBC does best and find more ways of doing less of it better.” Actually, that’s fake news — or news...

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11 Oct 2017

As the probe continues into whether Russia interfered in the US presidential election, there is growing concern about the impact of artificial intelligence on the global media landscape.

The World Today speaks to British media and human rights lawyer, Mark Stephens, about the use...


4 Oct 2017

Globalisation, the digital age and promises of democratic reform once inspired hope that a fresh era of press freedom was about to dawn across Southeast Asia. But two decades after the arrival of the internet those hopes have dwindled amid deteriorating standards.

Underscoring this...

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21 Sep 2017

Veteran political journalist, Laurie Oakes, says Australian politics is floundering because contemporary politicians lack the wit and bravery of great former leaders such as Paul Keating.

In a speech to the Melbourne Press Club on 15 September, Oakes said Malcolm Turnbull and his colleagues...


16 Sep 2017

A few months ago, Nick Xenophon approached me and the editors of other smaller independent and regional media companies with a reasonable question.

If the senator was to back the government’s plan to scrap rules protecting diversity of media ownership in Australia, paving the...


14 Sep 2017

The increasing presence of artificial intelligence and automated technology is changing journalism. While the term artificial intelligence dates back to the 1950s, and has since acquired several meanings, there is a general consensus around the nature of AI as the theory and development of computer...


11 Sep 2017

As the Federal government attempts to reform Australia’s media ownership laws, evidence is emerging that journalists are moving away from the traditional watchdog role of the press towards satisfying the demands of audiences.

Decades of debate about whether journalists ought to give audiences what...

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8 Sep 2017

The respected journalist, producer, presenter and author, Peter Luck, has died after a long and painful illness.

His close friend and fellow journalist Mike Carlton says Parkinson's Disease had a devastating impact on Peter Luck, a man who he hopes will be remembered as...



6 Sep 2017

As of August 2017, two-thirds (67%) of Americans report that they get at least some of their news on social media – with two-in-ten doing so often, according to a new survey from Pew Research Center. This is a modest increase since early 2016, when...


4 Sep 2017

When a journalist moves from press secretary to press gallery reporter, it raises tricky ethical questions for news editors in the face of possible concerns about the former political staff member’s independence and partisanship.

For some editors, the risk of the returning journalist being...

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30 Aug 2017

In the US, President Donald Trump has popularised the notion of 'fake news' — it's usually stories the President doesn't like in mainstream media.

More generally, 'fake news' is deliberately planted disinformation, designed to spread division or favourable propaganda, often generated by State-sponsored individuals...


28 Aug 2017

Even before the march in Charlottesville turned violent, images of white supremacist demonstrators were posted on social media along with requests to identify them.

Many were named by Twitter and Facebook sleuths, complete with details of where they lived and worked. Some have reportedly...

Journal article

21 Jul 2017

This paper argues that ‘fake news’ is endemic to ‘information society’ as a whole, not just the internet or news media. It is part of daily experience, generated by established patterns of communication, social group categorisation, framing, and patterns of power. These disruptions are intensified...

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19 Jul 2017

Processing information into journalistic content in contemporary news media creates a favorable environment for the distribution of misleading and fake information. This paper analyzes the distribution of alternative facts and fake news as a phenomenon characterizing post-fact society and how journalistic work processes may promote...

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19 Jul 2017

‘Post-truth’ was not a new concept when it was selected as the international word of the year (2016) by Oxford Dictionaries. In the context of communications research, scholars were discussing journalism in the ‘post-factual’ age some thirty years ago (Ettema 1987). In the digital era,...


30 Jun 2017

Violence against women and its prevention are legitimate topics of public interest and research shows that media reporting on the issue in Australia is extensive. This research identified that while some aspects of reporting on violence against women in Australia are changing for the better,...


29 Jun 2017

The idea that governments should provide financial assistance to news publishers is receiving more serious consideration in Australia than at any time in living memory. At the heart of the Senate inquiry into the Future of Public Interest Journalism, established in May in the wake...

Audio interview

22 Jun 2017

There's often a lot of criticism that the news is negative and depressing, and a new study has found that more than half of Australian audiences sometimes avoid it, because of that. The survey has also found an increasing number of us are getting our...