Diversity in the workplace

Research report

11 Apr 2018

This study builds on the Leading for Change (2016) report, which provided a snapshot of cultural diversity in the senior leadership of Australian organisations and institutions. This report examines the cultural backgrounds of chief executive officers of ASX 200 companies, federal ministers, heads of federal...


8 Nov 2017

This report, examining the experiences of Asian Australian academics, found that 63% believe they are not appropriately represented in university management.


23 Oct 2017

Australian businesses have made significant progress in improving diversity in leadership in recent years. But, there is still much more that needs to be done.

Research report

26 Jul 2017

While the music industry in Australia is healthy and vibrant, women continue to be underrepresented in key roles and make up only a small proportion of those making money from their musical endeavours. As an organisation committed to redressing this situation, APRA AMCOS commissioned RMIT...


30 Jun 2017

This study assessed whether women and minorities are discriminated against in the early stages of the recruitment process for senior positions in the Australian Public Service (APS).


21 Jun 2017

Results of a national survey into flexible working practices reveal that Australian workplaces and employees are still relatively inflexible with flexible working arrangements.

Briefing paper

9 Dec 2016

ECCV is the peak policy advocacy organisation for ethnic and multicultural groups in Victoria and consults with communities when their voices are not heard in the policy process.

In October 2016 ECCV consulted with culturally diverse actors, writers, directors and stage professionals in partnership...

Journal article

1 Dec 2016

As the workforce ages, and people retire later in life, organizations will need to develop strategies to engage their mature-age workers. We used a stereotype threat framework to investigate the impact of threat-inducing (young manager, young workgroup, manual occupation) and threat-inhibiting (high performance practices, mature-age...

Research report

24 Aug 2016

Screen Australia has released the most significant study of diversity on Australian screens since television began in 1956, entitled Seeing Ourselves: Reflections on Diversity in TV Drama . The study analysed all 199 dramas (fiction excluding animation) that aired between 2011 and 2015 inclusive, finding...


4 Aug 2016

This document focuses only on behavioural interventions, not structural changes or policies, such as flexible working arrangements, return-to-work options, cadetships and targeted positions.

Research report

18 Jul 2016

Australia’s multiculturalism is self-evident. About 28% of our population was born overseas, with another 20% having an overseas-born parent. According to one estimate, 32% of the Australian population have a non-Anglo-Celtic background. However, such cultural diversity is not proportionately represented within the senior leadership of...

Research report

4 Jul 2016

Media is a mirror society holds up to itself.

Media records our lives and the world around us through news and factual content; it explores our hopes and fears, demons and desires, through creative content. When media represents the stories of only part of...

Briefing paper

20 Jun 2016

The Australian Computer Society, – the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector – has released its Federal Election Manifesto, identifying five key policy areas that must be addressed if Australia is to secure its economic future in the information age.

1. Digital skills...

Journal article

15 Jun 2016

Despite its known impacts on organizational effectiveness, few studies have investigated organizational citizenship behavior’s (OCB) impact on the individual employee. This study explored the affective and dispositional consequences of OCB for hotel employees and their relationships with turnover intention. A cross-cultural comparison of U.S. and...

Research report

24 May 2016

Diversity needs to remain in focus for corporate organisations, with the latest statistics of women on boards and at executive level still showing vast imbalance.

In the new ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations on Diversity report , which analyses the disclosures on...

Journal article

15 May 2016

The quantitative analysis involving a longitudinal study is used where content analysis is undertaken to analyse the extent of CSR disclosures in annual reports. Regression analysis using panel data is used to analyse the potential association between CSR disclosure and five important board diversity measures,...



6 Jan 2016

Sexual harassment at work is extremely common. In fact some studies suggest that most women will experience some type of sexual harassment during their working lives.

A range of behaviours may constitute sexual harassment at work, and these same behaviours can be construed differently...

Briefing paper

17 Dec 2015

A group of HR managers from a range of local government councils including inner urban and outer growth areas, met for a roundtable discussion on increasing cultural diversity in the workforce. ECCV conducted the roundtable hosted by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) in November...


11 Dec 2015

FECCA is pleased to announce the release of a special edition of Australian Mosaic. Issue 42, is a snapshot of the FECCA 2015 National Biennial Conference: Building a better future for all Australians , held in partnership with Ethnic Communities Council of NSW (ECC NSW)....


5 Nov 2015

Recently the ECCV was requested to review the Essential Services Commission’s (ESC) draft report Supporting Customers, Avoiding Labels: Energy Hardship Inquiry Report, September 2015. While ECCV understands that the term ‘vulnerable’ can sometimes be abused, the significant changes proposed by the ESC’s draft report will...



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