17 March 2017

This statement outlines the strategic direction and priorities for multicultural policy in Australia.

3 March 2017

This report was commissioned to assist the City of Sydney in developing a greater knowledge of its cultural infrastructure through a process of classification and mapping of the City’s cultural...

26 August 2016

This project aims to provide an evidence base for attitudinal change, to develop new strategies for racial harmony, and to improve the way services are provided to Aboriginal people.

18 August 2016

This book presents reflections on the human condition through the prism of portraiture, taking digital imaging technologies and the dynamic and precarious dimensions of contemporary identity as...

15 August 2016

This research suggests it is time for Australians to re-examine Indonesia and to think more deeply about the opportunities for shared cultural awareness, education programs and student exchanges...

29 June 2016

This new UNESCO summary report demonstrates how satellite imagery analysis is an increasingly important tool for assessing potential damage to cultural heritage sites. 

ArticleDiscussion paper
28 June 2016

What does ‘managing to outcomes’ mean and why are small and large organisations alike embarking on this journey?

Discussion paperReport
26 February 2016

Sets out to explore and reflect on the reasons why Australian multiculturalism has succeeded.

31 December 2015

Explores the relationship between attending wānanga and Māori language revitalisation and culture, identity and wellbeing.

29 October 2015

Provides a series of detailed surveys on social cohesion, immigration and population issues.