Children's rights

Draft report

29 Nov 2017

This project is a key action in the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020. This Framework is a long term collaboration and commitment between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments and the non-government sector and key researchers that focuses on keeping Australia’s children and...


13 Nov 2017

The report makes three recommendations that New Zealand government can put into place immediately:

Make sure policy and legislative reform are child-centred and rights-based. Identify where children’s rights are not being met, what needs to be done, who will do the work, timeframes for...


25 Oct 2017

This report suggests that children in out-of-home care in New South Wales suffer from forms of institutional educational neglect that very often disadvantage children in care around the world. The narrow focus of child welfare agencies on preventing child maltreatment and providing stable out-of-home...


19 Apr 2017

Enabling children and young people to understand, identify and raise their safety concerns with a trusted adult and within safe organisations is vital. However, there is little advice provided to adults and institutions about how this might be done in child-centred and child-informed ways. Drawing...

Research report

15 Oct 2016

Access to justice is essential for the protection of the rights of children. It is especially important for protection from discrimination, violence, abuse and exploitation, and for ensuring their best interests in all actions involving or having an impact on them. Due to their dependent...

Research report

11 Oct 2016

With feminism slowly gaining ground around the world – or, in some cases, taking backwards steps – it’s important to check just how far we have to go in achieving equality and freedom for all girls.

In a new report, published today on the...

Research report

6 Oct 2016

The Valuing Children Initiative Benchmark Survey: 2016 (the Survey) has found that 80% of Australians are concerned about the health and happiness of future generations of Australian children.

The Survey also found that less than half of those surveyed believe that all children in...

Research report

31 Aug 2016

This year’s theme, “Stronger Communities, Safer Children”, emphasises that communities matter to children, and asks all Australians to play their part to help protect children and support families within their communities.

In partnership with NAPCAN, the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange at...



16 Jun 2016

The tendency to focus on the short term, and the inability to govern for future generations, has been identified as characterising much of modern day politics.

Focus on the short term has been identified as damaging to economic reform and efforts to address issues...



16 Jun 2016

The impetus for the Valuing Children Initiative (VCI) is the desire to ensure that all children in Australia experience the caring, safe and supportive childhood they deserve and have the right to expect. The ambition of the VCI is to inspire Australians to value all...

Research report

9 Jun 2016

Outlines the different approaches used to assess whether children are at risk of maltreatment and explores some of the issues and criticisms surrounding the use of standardised risk assessment instruments in child protection.

Summary The purpose of this Resource Sheet is to outline...

Research report

21 Apr 2016

This report contains comprehensive information on state and territory child protection and support services in 2014-15, and on the characteristics of Australian children within the child protection system. This report shows that: - 151,980 children, a rate of 28.6 per 1,000 children, received child protection...

Research report

15 Feb 2016

This report represents a snapshot of how the world has tried to develop mechanisms to protect children’s rights and ensure that there are remedies for violations of children’s rights.

Summary Access to justice is a human right, but it is also what makes...

Discussion paper

9 Feb 2016

On 10 November 2015, Victim Support Service (VSS) in partnership with Anglicare, hosted the ‘Improving Justice and Support for Child and Adolescent Victims of Crime’ Conference in Adelaide. This event involved a diverse group of almost 100 representatives from across the non-government and government sectors...


14 Nov 2015

The opportunities presented by the National Affordable Housing Agreement propelled the SA Homelessness Strategy Unit into implementing a range of reforms that built on existing strengths of the specialist homelessness services sector. As a major contribution to homelessness service system reform, SA took the decisive...

Research report

3 Nov 2015

This paper argues that Internet governance bodies give little consideration to children’s rights, despite growing calls from international child rights organizations to address their rights in the digital age. Typically, when children are acknowledged it is in the context of child protection while their rights...

Research report

14 Oct 2015

Outlines the work the National Children's Commissioner has undertaken throughout 2014-15 to promote discussion and awareness of matters relating to the human rights of children and young people in Australia.


I am pleased to present to you the Children’s Rights Report...

Research report

1 Jul 2015

Malala Fund Recommendations

Based on the analysis in this study, the Malala Fund has identified five key recommendations for meeting the 12–year ambition:

Governments should make phased, implementable plans aimed at achieving the ambition of access to 12 years of free, good...

Research report

1 Jul 2015

This paper proposes a way forward that can marry our ambition with action and ultimately lead to the achievement of universal education for all girls defined by 12 years of primary and secondary school.

Girls have big dreams for their lives, no matter where...

Research report

8 May 2015

Contains comprehensive information on state and territory child protection and support services in 2013-14, and the characteristics of Australian children within the child protection system.


In Australia, statutory child protection is the responsibility of state and territory governments. Each state and...