16 September 2016

This New Zealand policy enables organisations to demonstrate commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors by providing healthy food and drink options consistent with the Eating and...

7 August 2016

Studies are inconclusive about the benefits of the Paleo diet in patients with type 2 diabetes

Journal article
31 July 2016

Existing models for measuring health impacts of the human diet are limiting our capacity to solve obesity and its related health problems, claim two of the world's leading nutritional scientists...

Discussion paper
7 July 2016

This issues brief presents a synthesis of the evidence about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander food and nutrition, with the aim of providing evidence-based recommendations about what programs...

Journal article
3 July 2016

This study investigated the nature and extent of unhealthy food, beverage, alcohol and gambling sponsors of children's sport development programs.

28 June 2016

This report assesses the health effects of mandatory folic acid and iodine fortification, introduced to help reduce the prevalence of neural tube defects and address the re-emergence of iodine...

28 October 2015

This document provides evidence-based health advice for health practitioners and others who provide advice on nutrition and physical activity for New Zealand adults.

1 October 2015

This resource has been written to provide a starting point for continuing professional development and reflective practice in the area of Indigenous health in Australia.

31 July 2015

This book discusses five major public health domains to which Tony McMichael, a major public health figure, made major contributions: occupational health and safety; environmental and social...

Briefing paper
3 July 2015

Authored by Australian National University PhD candidate and Deeble Summer Scholar Kimberly Ashby-Mitchell, the brief examines the evidence surrounding dementia onset and the role diet and...