Community participation

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1 Dec 2017

This guide enables you to form or join a 'Livewell Group' with friends, neighbours, work colleagues or others you know, and help each other to reduce your carbon emissions.


26 Oct 2017

What do successful community leadership programs look like? SVA shares insights from programs it has reviewed.

Journal article

21 Sep 2017

This paper presents a review of the literature about the built environment as it impacts the health of older people. It introduces a framework for engaging older people as citizen scientists in order to empower them as agents of change in their local area.


5 Sep 2017

This set of resources outlines what you need to know to get a small-scale community solar project off the ground.


there is no sustainability without community engagement
31 Jul 2017

This paper argues that the issue with community participation is that we are trying to create sustainable outcomes that improve social and ecological wellbeing within the same worldview or framework that created the degradation.


25 Jul 2017

As Co-Design increasingly becomes the preferred model for service design and delivery in community services, potential participants – government agencies, service providers, service users and others – are looking for guidance on how to make it work. This toolkit is a response to that call.


Zero emissions - achievable & affordable now
14 Jul 2017

This Zero Carbon Communities guide is for community groups and councils who want to see rapid local progress towards zero emission targets.

Discussion paper

Putting people at the centre of major planning decisions
11 Jul 2017

This guide has been produced to help South Australians develop the new Community Engagement Charter for Planning. This Guide includes information on what a Community Engagement Charter is, what the principles of good community engagement are, and some examples of good community engagement practice in...


29 Jun 2017

The aim of this project is to reduce reliance on emergency services, by educating and supporting the local community through its programme of healthy, safe and secure visits and organised events.


13 Jun 2017

This research project asks what mini-publics contribute to democracy from a systemic perspective, and how that contribution might be strengthened. For evidence, we draw on three mini-publics: the Penrith Community Panel; the Noosa Community Jury (on management of the Noosa River); and Infrastructure Victoria’s citizen...


5 Jun 2017

This report argues that Australian governments must act now to safeguard and encourage vibrant debate on matters of public interest.

Journal article

1 Jun 2017

The paper focuses on the global environmental governance and features of public participation as an integral element of sustainable development.

Working paper

1 Jun 2017

This study explores a new approach to community involvement in planning that responds to contemporary critiques of participatory planning.We conclude the report by providing an alternate pathway that might create more meaningful community participation in the planning and development of the city.


10 May 2017

This audit examined how effectively two central agencies and three portfolio agencies support better practice public participation approaches across their areas of responsibility. 

Video lecture/presentation

30 Mar 2017

The closure of the Hazelwood power station is scheduled for 31st March 2017. It has delivered cheap electricity to the National Electricity Market (NEM) for decades but contributed substantially to Australia’s emissions. The community of Morwell and the surrounding LaTrobe Valley has relied on the...

Journal article

14 Mar 2017

Incarceration rates are increasing almost everywhere and, while women and girls make up only a small percentage of the overall prison population, there has been a significant increase in their representation – especially over the past 20 years (Carlton and Segrave, 2013). Despite the fact...


1 Mar 2017

At UrbanGrowth NSW our ambition is to deliver innovative and productive urban places with world class standards of liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and environmental quality. We want to create a legacy of sustainable places for future generations.

Our strategy is founded on the four...

Discussion paper

10 Jan 2017

The primary purpose of this package of updates to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) is to promote confidence in our state’s planning system.

This will be achieved through four underlying objectives:

• to enhance community participation;

• to...

Journal article

30 Nov 2016

The theme of this article is current developments in community governance (see, for example, Rolfe, 2016), but it comes with a warning: this is an area where definitions are extremely difficult and it is easy to become distracted by semantics, rather than focused on the...