Regional development

Discussion paper

19 Feb 2018

The Australian government has committed $15 million over four years to assist in the establishment and maintenance of up to eight study hubs across regional Australia. This initiative responds to a key gap in university provision for remote students.


20 Dec 2017

This statistical resource measures progress in a region against social, economic, environmental and governance indicators.


15 Dec 2017

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 was launched on 14 October 2016. This monitoring report is a whole of government document reflecting the efforts of all stakeholders to deliver on the priority actions.


15 Dec 2017

This report concludes that much expenditure in regional areas does little to facilitate adjustment and long term development - and that governments could coordinate better and evaluate their activities in Australia's regions.


7 Dec 2017

South Australian Liberal Steven Marshall MP has announced a policy of state funding for Regional Development Australia boards if elected in March 2018.


5 Dec 2017

This research suggests that in 2016-17, Sydney and Melbourne drove the national economy, while Perth is in recession.


4 Dec 2017

This report sets out initiatives that seek to position the Gold Coast to retain its competitive advantage.

Briefing paper

1 Dec 2017

With appeal to both domestic and international markets, the ACT has seen strong growth in overnight visitor numbers from both markets over the past few years - exceeding national growth rates.


29 Nov 2017

The stories of Australia’s regional and remote communities are integral to the fabric of a culturally ambitious nation, and the artistic excellence among regional artists is critical to a vibrant arts sector that reflects Australia’s depth and diversity.


23 Nov 2017

This research looks at the travel choices of Australian young people, to examine ways to entice millennials to visit regional New South Wales (NSW).

Blog post

What barriers prevent people from moving to rural and regional locations?
8 Nov 2017

If rural and regional areas are to counteract the historical ‘pull to cities’ and compete with the dynamics of agglomeration, higher wages, greater employment opportunities and levels of services, then having a reliable supply of affordable, quality ‘to-buy’ and rental housing will play a key...


7 Nov 2017

This Resource Kit provides a pathway for regions interested in developing their region’s renewable energy industry, while optimising economic development benefits - attracting local investment, jobs and business growth.


6 Nov 2017

This submission includes evidence about the current status of our Australia's regions and their potential contribution to future growth.


15 Oct 2017

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) is of the view that regional development and decentralisation policy and programs could be improved by better harnessing the expertise and resources of regional universities.

Research report

13 Oct 2017

Regions have much to gain by lifting the workforce participation rate of their older population. This discussion paper helps define how our ageing workforce is impacting different regions and the potential payoffs for regions.


5 Oct 2017

This report examines the contribution of tourism to New South Wales and its tourism regions.


3 Oct 2017

This report goes beyond these state-wide findings to examine the role and contribution of the Queensland tourism industry at a regional level.


21 Sep 2017

Innovation is the highest in regional centres that have research and development institutions and there are only 26 of these in regional Australia. But more than 150 regional areas have potential to match this innovation, a new index finds.

Research report

21 Sep 2017

This report highlights the varying roles and levels of engagement that councils play in regards to leadership, organisation and delivery of local and regional economic development in Australia.

Research report

12 Sep 2017

The potential for significant increases in irrigated agriculture in northern Australia is highly dependent on how water resources are managed now developed and into the future.



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