6 Dec 2017

Last week’s National Housing Conference kicked off in Sydney with a keynote presentation about Canada’s new housing strategy. Audible expressions of envy could be heard among the 1000-plus delegates when they were told that prime minister Justin Trudeau had launched the strategy (on national housing...

Working paper

20 Nov 2017

In this paper we develop a comprehensive measure of the gap between housing supply and demand at a regional level in Australia. We take into account a range of complicating factors such as changing demographics, building types and the increase in unoccopied dwellings at the...


14 Nov 2017

What does it mean to be Western Australian? Housing insecurity and homelessness remain a key issue for many people across our State. There remains a lack of diverse and affordable housing options, for low to moderate income earners and different communities and demographic groups,...


5 Oct 2017

In this report, the capacity and capability of our members and the sector are displayed. We showcase the capacity and diverse experience of a wide variety of staff members, from rising stars to CEOs across the country. Over the past 15 years, the Australian Community...

Policy report

26 Sep 2017

Housing affordability is defined and measured in a variety of ways. For ASBEC, affordability means enabling people to make a housing choice that suits their needs within their available budget – regardless of whether it involves renting, ownership or having options as they age....

Policy report

14 Sep 2017

We know that a shortage of shovel ready land and embedded charges and planning costs can add 30% to the cost of a new home. These costs are attributed to inadequate land supply, embedded land costs, rising developer and infrastructure charges and poor planning and...

Policy report

1 Sep 2017

The first independent and not for profit gathering aimed at solving Auckland’s housing crisis was held on 1 August 2017. Its underlying foundations were developed by housing strategist Leonie Freeman in 2016 in the paper “A Comprehensive Solution to Solve Auckland’s Housing Crisis”. The full...


29 Aug 2017

Residential property ownership has become a key element for many Australians in their wealth accumulation strategy but it also means they are the most exposed to any price falls with increasing household debt.

Jolts to the housing market have the potential to...

Policy report

14 Aug 2017


A recurring question in New Zealand’s housing policy debate is: how many social houses do we need? This is a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question, because to answer it we need to first consider some other questions. Questions such...

Research report

2 Aug 2017

Key findings

This research delivers, for the first time in Australia, a consistent and replicable methodology for housing need assessment that can be used to inform resource allocation and simulate the impact of policy decisions on housing outcomes. Housing need is defined as:...


1 Aug 2017

In 2013, Housing SA released the Housing SA Blueprint as a future strategy to deliver a modern, connected, multi-provider housing and homelessness system. The Practice and Placemaking Project was established under the Blueprint to drive Housing SA’s service delivery reform. The New Service Delivery Model...

Policy report

12 Jul 2017

The Auckland Unitary Plan has caused significant debate, which has brought to the surface complex issues around housing and class inequality in the city. This report investigates the political and economic aspects of the Auckland Unitary Plan in the context of historical and contemporary processes...

Research report

11 Jul 2017

Multigenerational living is an area of established international interest, with house builders developing homes for this market in the USA, Asia and parts of Europe. In contrast, in the UK this market sector is not well-understood and there has been little development of new home...

Policy report

29 Jun 2017

The Mayor’s Housing Taskforce, an independent, cross sectoral group, was set up in October 2016 by the Wellington Mayor and Deputy Mayor to ensure critical experience and expertise was utilised to address one of the key strategic issues facing the city.

The Housing Taskforce...

Video lecture/presentation

27 Jun 2017

Issues which the lecture addresses Our comparative focus is four mid-tier global cities within three neo-liberal countries that rely primarily on the private sector for their housing stock: Canada, the US and Australia. All four cities – Vancouver, Toronto, Portland, and Melbourne – are...


20 Jun 2017

The Victorian government’s 2017 housing policy contains a bulk transfer of public housing to housing associations. Housing Minister Martin Foley’s explanation is that “the state is a terrible housing manager”.

A similar rationale underlies the handing of public housing estates to private developers to...


14 Jun 2017

Achieving Good Design in Adelaide’s Future Urban Form

The recently updated 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide envisages our city to grow from its current low-rise suburban pattern to more compact urban forms. Factors such as 21st century living standards, existing land ownership,...

Audio podcast

13 Jun 2017

A conversation with Australian Perspectives Fellow Brendan Coates and Associate Trent Wiltshire. Sydney is ground zero for Australia’s booming housing market. And NSW is the latest government to released a plan to tackle growing public anxiety over housing affordability. But will the plan make a...


9 Jun 2017

The Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027 is the state government's 10-year framework, driving key reforms and targeted investment across the housing continuum.

It redefines how the Queensland Government will deliver housing to support urban renewal, generate new jobs, provide affordable housing and drive innovative housing...


1 Jun 2017

The NSW Government has developed a new package of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW.

These policies take into account the difficulty that first home buyers face in entering the market, the state’s growing population and the need to ensure that development...