Blog post
11 January 2017

The latest Digital Finance Analytics Household Finance Confidence Index, to end December 2016 has been released.

16 December 2016

This inquiry was established to assess issues related to home ownership in Australia, and potential policy responses by government.

12 December 2016

Substantial differences in housing costs combined with differing levels of tenure security have a fundamental impact on the capacity of Australians dependent solely or primarily on the age pension...

7 December 2016

This report proposes a series of clear and measurable responses to the burgeoning need for affordable housing in different parts of Melbourne and across Victoria.

Working paper
2 December 2016

This study uses fixed effects panel regression techniques to estimate the impact of foreign demand for Australian residential real estate on property prices.

24 November 2016

This research report identifies a range of cost saving approaches to multi-storey apartment construction. It is part of a collaborative project between Renewal SA and the private development...

Briefing paper
24 November 2016

This paper recommends that if government genuinely wants to make housing more affordable, it should turn its attention to the real causes of soaring housing prices: by cooling off property...

Other video
17 November 2016

Prof. Peter Phibbs compares how the issues of housing affordability in Sydney are dealt with in America's most populous city.

15 November 2016

Australia is transitioning from the mining boom with strong growth and relatively low unemployment, but has not been immune to symptoms of the “new mediocre”: the preliminary findings of IMF staff...

27 October 2016

The Treasurer this week launched into the hot topic of housing affordability. The question is, can he and the government manage the issue or will it, too, turn on them?