Urban development

7 April 2017

The global focus on US President Donald Trump has largely been on his inflammatory rhetoric and relative inexperience. A less substantive body of commentary has considered his policy platform,...

6 April 2017

The privatisation of urban infrastructure in Australia is an ironic story and we now live with the consequences of the sell-off, writes Phillip O'Neill.

Audio program
19 March 2017

Too many students and not enough classrooms. How did government's get it so wrong?

11 March 2017

Plan Melbourne 2017 - 2050 is intended to manage growth in Melbourne's city and suburbs to the year 2050. It seeks to integrate long-term land use, infrastructure and transport planning, and in...

3 March 2017

This report was commissioned to assist the City of Sydney in developing a greater knowledge of its cultural infrastructure through a process of classification and mapping of the City’s cultural...

Discussion paper
2 March 2017

This Issues Paper addresses two primary questions: first, how will outcomes for NDIS participants vary in different urban contexts and domains? And, second, in what ways will the NDIS drive wider...

1 March 2017

Outlines research undertaken to gain insights into the mental health and wellbeing of Airds residents in South-Western Sydney during a time of housing renewal from predominantly social housing, to...

1 March 2017

The NSW Government is seeking feedback on UrbanGrowth's draft sustainability strategy, which addresses climate resilience, healthy and inclusive places, productive cities, accountability and...

24 February 2017

Australia’s global cities are a very large part of the nation’s economic success, but they are also generating significantly unequal incomes.

Research report
22 February 2017

The 2016 Urban Development Program Report provides an updated analysis of supply and demand for residential and industrial land across metropolitan Melbourne.