Urban development

Discussion paper
22 January 2017

Sydney’s economic dividend continues, but so do its divides. This report reviews the evidence, analyses some key trends shaping Sydney and then recommends some interventions of strategic...

Discussion paper
10 January 2017

This guide sets out the NSW Government’s proposals to update the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) through a series of targeted amendments.

3 January 2017

The ancient Roman world is littered with examples of architectural recycling, writes Candace Richards.

15 December 2016

Drawing on the more than fifty publications produced from the Committee for Perth-UWA partnership, this report reflects on how Perth’s economy, people and urban places have been transformed over...

6 December 2016

Results of estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each major capital city and region across Australia. Includes a summary of results, a detailed discussion of the economic performance of...

Audio lecture/presentation
30 November 2016

This public lecture held at the University of Sydney discussed the draft Central Sydney Planning Strategy 2012-2036. The event was organised jointly by the Henry Halloran Trust and the City of...

Working paper
16 November 2016

Estimates whether firms in large cities are more productive. 

8 November 2016

The NSW government's plan to grow and bring new life to local communities living and working along the Parramatta Road corridor.

Journal article
16 September 2016

This paper reports on a spatial method which addresses the limitations of changing statistical boundaries to identify the changing patterns in Australian cities over time and space.

8 September 2016

With federal, state and local governments all seeking to encourage and expand the innovation economy in Australia, now is the time to look to the United States for lessons on how to plan, finance...