Disability awareness

Research report

19 Feb 2018

This report is part of a project being implemented by the UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance and Local Government NSW to enable local governments and tourism operators in regional New South Wales to improve access to their infrastructure, services and products.

Research report

6 Feb 2018

The focus of this project is specifically on adults with intellectual disabilities who have high support needs and experience almost complete exclusion from employment, much more than other disability groups.


1 Dec 2017

This guide seeks to encourage policy makers, planners, designers, and operators to think beyond compliance and the physical and governance boundaries of services and infrastructure, and focus instead on people's accessibility needs across the whole of their public transport journey.


Local government disability inclusion resource
17 Aug 2017

The local government disability inclusion resource has been designed for use by all local governments around Australia.



31 Jan 2017

Australia’s disability employment landscape is transforming. The National Disablity Insurance Scheme continues to be rolled out across Australia, with the expectation of direct employment growth. Changes to government programs for people with disability are also underway.

In this context, SVA in partnership with the...

Audio podcast

31 Aug 2016

In a rare good news story for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Dr Scott Hollier, Media Access Australia’s Specialist Advisor, Digital Accessibility, undertook an accessibility review of the 9 August 2016 Census, and found that the online survey form was largely accessible to people with...


15 Jun 2016

The Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide was created by Media Access Australia to provide guidance on how best to address accessibility-related issues for people with cognitive disability in a digital media context.

Such disabilities include acquired brain injury (ABI), autism, dementia, developmental disability, Down...


15 Jun 2016

Dr Scott Hollier, the Director of Digital Accessibility for Media Access Australia, launched The Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide at the 2016 Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities conference in Melbourne.

The new guide has been designed to deliver practical,...

Research report

31 Mar 2016

A combined Policy and Action Research workshop was held in Yogyakarta Indonesia between 13 to 19 January 2016. The workshop brought together key stakeholders from the education and health sectors to articulate a shared vision for inclusion of children with disability at school and to...


30 Mar 2016

According to Census Bureau surveys, nearly one in five Americans reported having a disability in 2010. Many are motor or cognitive disabilities, including dementia and depression. But more than eight million Americans are visually impaired, and more than 7.5 million have hearing issues. For people...

Book review

15 Feb 2016

Extremely contagious and potentially fatal, polio reaped an annual harvest from the late 19th through the middle of the 20th centuries. Polio has since been almost eradicated by programs of mass vaccination and is now forgotten. Yet the threat of polio persists in two ways....

Research report

25 Nov 2015

Executive Summary

Across most universities in Australia, students with a disability have been enrolling in greater numbers than ever before. However, the scholarship and research on equity in the Australian higher education sector has largely ignored the needs of these students.



17 Nov 2015

As is well documented, health and wellbeing is positively associated with participating in physical activity. However, the little research available suggested that Pacific adolescents generally, are participating in less physical activity than adolescents of other ethnic groups. Furthermore, there was even less evidence pertinent to...

Research report

31 Oct 2015

Within the library profession there is widespread support for access to libraries for people with disabilities. However, literature on the topic of access to public libraries for people with disabilities has largely overlooked children with special needs and their families. This report investigates the factors...

Research report

7 Oct 2015

One of the reasons young people remain living in residential aged care facilities is that there are limited suitable housing options for them. While the recent introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) means that people can get funding for support and equipment, without...

Journal article

30 Sep 2015


The literature on twice exceptionality suggests one of the main problems facing twice-exceptional children is that there is no consensus on the definition of the terms disability or giftedness and, consequently, the term twice-exceptional. Endeavoring to define these specific terms loops back...

Research report

26 Aug 2015

Recent reforms in the disability sector through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will allocate funding to individuals who will be able to exercise greater control over its use. More people with disabilities will be able to access support to move from congregate care, group...

Research report

8 Dec 2014


NDS is pleased to present the first State of the Disability Sector report.

Far-reaching reforms are under way – or on the horizon – in the disability sector. Organisations face large planning and investment decisions.

This report is designed to...

29 May 2012

How fragile is the nature of progress with Down syndrome and social change, asks Ilektra Spandagou in the Australian Review of Public Affairs.

Down syndrome was first described by John Langdon Down 150 years ago. A child either has or has not Down syndrome...

Research report

16 Jun 2009

The draft Premises Standards are intended to make public buildings more accessible for people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments. If introduced, the Premises Standards will have a widespread impact, improving building accessibility for new buildings and existing buildings undergoing significant upgrades. In addition to...



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