31 January 2017

Examines the system's strengths and weaknesses and establishes a performance scorecard for tracking progress into the future.

13 January 2017

The SCOAP initiative aims to make work previously only available to paying subscribers of academic journals freely and immediately available to everyone.

Journal article
10 January 2017

Inherently conducting polymers (ICPs) combine the electrical properties of metals and semiconductors with a polymer’s ability to flex and/or stretch. In general, polymers are relatively simple to...

5 December 2016

This roadmap sets out Australia’s national research infrastructure priority areas for the coming decade. These priorities will support areas of research, science and innovation in areas where...

18 November 2016

The Global Innovation Strategy will improve Australia’s international innovation and science collaboration by aligning existing and new initiatives with the desired outcomes under the National...

3 November 2016

This book presents reflections data comprising over 16,000 km of coverage across the whole Australian continent, and provides an insight into the variations in crustal architecture in the varied...

Working paper
19 October 2016

This report summarises current and emerging options, and discusses methods to calculate methane and nitrous oxide emissions at the paddock, farm, regional and national scale.

18 October 2016

The generality of the umbrella term 'STEM' as a synonym for a diverse group of skills and academic fields poses various problems in terms of workforce planning and targeted interventions.

18 October 2016

This paper explores ways to measure how the vocational education and training (VET) sector is contributing to the development of STEM-related skills.

Journal article
28 September 2016

An investigation into how birds avoid mid-air collisions during head-on encounters, with the findings potentially applicable to the design of guidance algorithms for automated collision avoidance...