Population ageing

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18 Oct 2017

How will future retirees fare? This report examines the two global megatrends of population ageing and rising inequalities. Key themes for Australia are inequalities in income and health and large regional differences.


5 Jul 2017

Dig a little deeper, and the Census figures tell us unexpected things about more than one Australia, writes Tim Colebatch.

Journal article

15 Jun 2017

Examines questions of structural population ageing and migration with a focus on subnational New Zealand.

Audio podcast

3 May 2017

For over a quarter of a century Australia has escaped recession. It is a remarkable achievement, close to a global record. Yet despite continuous growth, Australia scrambles to make ends meet. This is the eighth year of a national budget deficit.

So with a...

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3 May 2017

For over a quarter of a century Australia has escaped recession. It is a remarkable achievement, close to a global record. Yet despite continuous growth, Australia scrambles to make ends meet. This is the eighth year of a national budget deficit.

Working paper

17 Feb 2017

This report analyses the components of economic growth in 21 APEC economies in the past 25 years and the next 35. Written to contribute to discussions at APEC Senior Officials’ meetings in the run up to APEC ministerial and leaders meetings, it highlights the critical...


29 Dec 2016

This book shows that global population ageing is an opportunity to improve the quality of human life rather than a threat to economic competitiveness and stability. It describes the concept of the creative ageing policy as a mix of the silver economy, the creative economy,...

Research report

19 Dec 2016

Under the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001, the Retirement Commissioner is required to review retirement income policies every three years. According to the terms of reference this report must address these retirement income policies and discuss these topics:

An update and...



4 Oct 2016

THE “problem” of population ageing has been a staple of political pontification for decades. In fact, the main points covered in the average think-piece on the topic were old hat well before many of us were born. The great French demographer Alfred Sauvy discussed most...



18 Aug 2016

As South Australia’s baby boomers rapidly approach old age, who will be responsible for their financial wellbeing? What can be done now to ensure the future financial wellness of both the elderly and our economy?

The face of the South Australian population is changing....

Data portal


28 Jul 2016

RADAR - The Regional Australia Database for Ageing Research – has been developed by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) using the most recent national data from the ABS 2011 Census of Population and Housing.

It is a user-friendly interactive...

Research report

4 Apr 2016

State of Our Health is a set of indicators produced by the Health Performance Council to give a comprehensive picture of health in South Australia, in each local health network, and for South Australia’s Aboriginal population. State of Our Health uses 166 measures against 43...


3 Feb 2016

Although population ageing is overwhelmingly a good thing, representing a healthier population overall and a longer more productive lifespan for most, it also means an increase in elder abuse. There is little public awareness of the extent and nature of elder abuse. Consequently, it is...

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2015

Housing forms a large part of the Australian economy and is an integral part of people’s wellbeing. In addition to serving a basic human need for physical shelter, contributing to physical and psychological health and emotional security, it is a key determinant of people’s wealth...


6 Nov 2015

More than any other social policy issue in Australia, the issue of ageing for CALD Australians is one that is not only an imperative but also one in which the data demonstrates the importance of this segment across the breadth of ageing Australia.



30 Sep 2015

Aging populations are a major consideration for socio-economic development in the early 21st century. This demographic change is mainly seen as a threat rather than as an opportunity to improve the quality of human life. Aging population is taking place in every continent of the...

Research report

30 Sep 2015

At a time of unpredictable challenges for health, whether from a changing climate, emerging infectious diseases, or the next microbe that develops drug resistance, one trend is certain: the ageing of populations is rapidly accelerating worldwide. For the first time in history, most people can...

Research report

25 Aug 2015

Today, over 46 million people live with dementia worldwide, more than the population of Spain. This number is estimated to increase to 131.5 million by 2050.

Dementia also has a huge economic impact. Today, the total estimated worldwide cost of dementia is US $818...

Fact sheet

22 Jul 2015

This fact sheet compares historic demographic patterns and central projections from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Treasury. It looks at trends relating to the total population, population ageing, fertility, life expectancy and migration. Treasury figures are of particular interest since they form...