Creative ability in business

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Working paper

17 Nov 2017

This working paper explores the changing nature of work and what this means for government, employers, and workers. In particular, it focuses on the implications of digitalisation for skilled migration in high-income countries such as Australia.

Journal article

1 Jul 2017

This study examines the challenges faced by regional accounting firms and the creative solutions they use to address them.

Research report

1 Apr 2016

A report commissioned by the NSW Architects Registration Board examines "the areas where architects add value to the economy beyond typical construction sector analysis" and defines "where value lies in the work of architects beyond the bricks-and-mortar value of the construction industry."

It argues...

Journal article

24 Jul 2015

Enabled by the global distribution affordances of the Internet, increasing numbers of creative producers of the handmade—the majority of whom are women—are working from home as sole traders. Selling their wares via online marketplaces such as Etsy, such women often do so as a means...



20 Mar 2014

As part of the Arts for all Queenslanders Strategy development, Stuart Cunningham proposes a working concept of innovation for arts and cultural sector.

Innovation is an overworked buzzword, a cliché which any serious thinking person can see through immediately. If that is...



17 Mar 2011

It is common to see public investment in infrastructure, such as next generation broadband. But should policy go beyond this? asks Hasan Bakhshi .

How should policy support the creative industries? Few question the importance of traditional supply-side measures: low corporate tax rates, an...



12 Mar 2009

What does the "creative economy" mean in China and how might it be developed, asks MICHAEL KEANE

VIEWERS of the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony on the evening of 8 August 2008 witnessed the most impressively coordinated launch of any major global event. Superbly...


With the Australian economy undergoing rapid structural change, the nation and its policy-makers are faced with the question: where will the jobs of tomorrow come from? Supporting and growing those Australian industries that are well-placed to innovate and create the next wave of employment growth...