Women's rights

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13 Feb 2018

Following trends on social media, ShelterSA has published this opinion piece, covering the relationship between viral movements such as #MeToo, and gender inequality and power.

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17 Nov 2017

Examines some of the challenges women in the Papua New Guinea highlands face in escaping violent relationships.


1 Nov 2017

This strategy document outlines the priorities over the coming year for Australia's current Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins.


19 May 2017

The thesis addresses significant gaps in the existing knowledge on land rights in the Pacific, which are the voices of urban women, fa’afafine, and fakaleitī1. The lands concerned are customary land in Samoa, and Crown owned land in Tonga. The knowledge in the thesis relates...



16 Dec 2016

When a small group from a minority ethnic community gathers to protect its members from discrimination, who could not feel sympathy? An appeal for just such sympathy was issued on 14 December by Tetsuhide Yamaoka (also known as Tesshu Yamaoka), president of the Sydney-based Australia–Japan...


11 Oct 2016

With feminism slowly gaining ground around the world – or, in some cases, taking backwards steps – it’s important to check just how far we have to go in achieving equality and freedom for all girls.

This report ranks the best and worst countries...

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18 Aug 2016

Professor Lisa Heap's study titled, Women’s Rights at Work (WRAW), on the experiences of women at work in Victoria, has created a dialogue with Victorian working women regarding their experiences at work, and in seeking work. Commencing in 2016, this dialogue with Victorian working women...

Briefing paper

7 Jun 2016

This In Brief reports on research undertaken in Bougainville in October 2015 (Eves and Crawford 2014).1 Unlike previous studies, this research specifically explored the relationship between women’s economic empowerment and violence against women through in-depth qualitative interviews. Interviewees included business women in the urban context...

Research report

21 Oct 2015

New research by the Web Foundation shows that the dramatic spread of mobile phones is not enough to get women online, or to achieve empowerment of women through technology. The study, based on a survey of thousands of poor urban men and women across nine...

Research report

9 Sep 2015

This report measures legal and regulatory barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and employment in 173 economies. It provides quantitative measures of laws and regulations that affect women’s economic opportunities in seven areas: accessing institutions, using property, getting a job, providing incentives to work, going to court,...

Journal article

1 Feb 2015

For many people the status, role and position of women are important distinguishing features of Muslim societies, which set them apart from their Western counterparts and symptomatic of their oppression in Islam. Moreover, it is argued that gender relations in Islam have been primarily shaped...

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23 Jan 2015

Today, hundreds of millions of women will collect firewood and water for their families, cook and clean, take care of the elderly, the young and the sick; all the while scratching a living from the poorest paid and most precarious jobs. Women’s labour – in...

Research report

6 Mar 2014

Why women leave the legal profession and do not re-engage is an important issue for the national profession and one which has been a priority for the Law Council of Australia.

In 2013 the Law Council conducted the National Attrition and Re-engagement Study (NARS)...



11 Mar 2012

In Inside Story, Mary Leahy reviews Rebecca Asher’s investigation of how parenthood is shaped by society

REBECCA Asher expected that having a baby would be hard, but she didn’t anticipate the disparity between her experience and that of her husband. As she...


19 Apr 2007

Malalai Joya is described by the BBC as the most famous woman in Afghanistan and at 28 years of age is the youngest member of the Afghani Parliament. Joya is a controversial figure, reviled by many Afghani fundamentalists yet viewed by others as a freedom...