Journal article

7 Dec 2017

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industry, but new research shows there has been no improvement in work-related fatality rates in the sector in NSW for at least 15 years.

Research report

16 Nov 2017

This report looks globally for innovative approaches that can serve as a resource for policymakers to meet emerging challenges in a highly contested public policy landscape.

Discussion paper

8 Nov 2017

This discussion paper provides an overview of the challenges, opportunities and solutions to providing regional NSW with affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity.

Research report

19 Oct 2017

In order to maintain and expand an agricultural sector capable of providing a secure source of food for the long-term future of the nation, Australia must consider a broad range of development opportunities and be prepared to take calculated risks.

Research report

12 Oct 2017

China loses or wastes at least six per cent of the food that it produces.

Research report

5 Oct 2017

Northern Australia contains three major subterranean water systems, with one each in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Each of these systems is unique.


29 Sep 2017

The Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land (the Agricultural Land Register) was established to provide greater transparency about the level of foreign ownership of Australia’s agricultural land.

The Commissioner of Taxation reports annually to the Treasurer on the operation of the Register of...

Research report

12 Sep 2017

The potential for significant increases in irrigated agriculture in northern Australia is highly dependent on how water resources are managed now developed and into the future.

Research report

25 Jul 2017

India is the largest consumer of groundwater in the world and, because its rate of extraction has remained high, groundwater replenishment has been unable to sustain water levels in many of the country’s aquifers.

Research report

20 Jun 2017

A better understanding of soil microbiology is essential if agricultural production is to meet the needs of a growing world population.


11 Jun 2017

Vanilla was first introduced to French Polynesia in 1848 and from 1899-1966 was a major export for French Polynesia who then produced an average of 158 tonnes of cured Vanilla tahitensis beans annually. In 1967, vanilla production declined rapidly to a low of 0.6 tonnes...

Working paper

1 May 2017

This report is the first national assessment of the indirect impacts of the NPS-FM on New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Audio interview

21 Apr 2017

We exist in a world where 30 percent of people are starving while the planet's human population continues to surge. Our natural resources like water and arable land are shrinking and pollution and dramatic changes in climate are increasing, all alongside whilst there are concerns...



11 Apr 2017

Extreme is the new normal when it comes to weather, with devastation caused by floods, fires and cyclones filling our news feeds all too frequently.

Thanks to the relatively recent development of event attribution in climate science, researchers can now confidently attribute the increase...

Discussion paper

16 Mar 2017

Today the Productivity Commission released an issues paper posing the questions the Commission will seek to ask and answer in their National Water Reform Inquiry.

Water reform has supported growth in agriculture and other industries, returned much needed water to the environment, created markets...

Discussion paper

15 Mar 2017

The Climate Change Authority has released this issues paper for consultation.

The authority has recommended further work be done on how to better coordinate action to reduce emissions, improve environmental outcomes and benefit agricultural productivity.

In the first phase of the research, this...

Research report

24 Jan 2017

Audit objective and criteria

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ implementation of the new biosecurity legislative framework.

To form a conclusion against this objective, the ANAO adopted the following high-level...

Research report

15 Jan 2017

This report outlines the values of biodiversity in the viticultural/agricultural region of McLaren Vale, south of Adelaide, with a focus on the processes of erosion and the uses of agricultural biodiversity, or agrobiodiversity, within local production systems.


14 Dec 2016

The Draft New England North West Regional Plan applies to 12 local government areas – Tenterfield, Glen Innes Severn, Inverell, Armidale Regional, Uralla, Walcha, Gwydir, Tamworth Regional, Liverpool Plains, Gunnedah, Narrabri and Moree Plains.

The region encompasses the traditional lands of the Anaiwan, Banbai,...

Research report

13 Dec 2016

The 2015 Monitor is the twelfth edition of the Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitor. It provides a general account of public perceptions about new technologies in Australia, including trust in institutions that provide information about new technologies.