Digital communications--Social aspects

25 January 2017

This index reveals that while digital inclusion is improving, it is uneven and many Australians are missing out on the benefits digital participation derives for our public and private lives.

10 January 2017

In this report, RAND researchers, with the help of an advisory panel, craft a research agenda to prepare the U.S. legal system to address the effects of emerging technologies on individuals'...

6 December 2016

This report, by researchers from the University of Groningenhe in the Netherlands, examines the multi-layered challenges associated with balancing the fundamental rights of privacy and freedom of...

18 November 2016

Internet connections have surged in the region, but cost has re-emerged as a constraint for many users, writes Julian Thomas.

13 October 2016

Social media is a superb medium for immediacy, reach and intensity. This makes it a great asset in situations where timeliness is important, such as breaking news. But it has serious limitations...

15 September 2016

The pervasive application of defamation law to all communication creates real risks of liability for publishers, writes David Rolph.

Discussion paper
5 September 2016

This paper has been released to better enable the ACCC to ensure that their regulatory focus is responsive to changing market circumstances in the communications sector.

17 August 2016

This research project aims to assess current user practice around Indigenous community kiosks to consider what features contribute to a successful interaction, such as physical placement, digital...

11 August 2016

Presents the results of the 2014 survey, which ran for six months from 1 January 2014. This period encompassed National Fraud Prevention week, which coincides with global fraud awareness-raising...

Video lecture/presentationVideo interview
4 August 2016

Author and journalist, John Birmingham, discusses why preserving digital content is vital to how our world today will be understood one hundred years from now