Maori (New Zealand people)


Evaluation report
22 Nov 2018

Smoking is the single leading preventable cause of early death in New Zealand and Māori smoking is significantly higher than smoking in the general population. To address the problem the Ministry is taking a closer look at how to address the problem of smoking among...

Discussion paper

6 Nov 2018

This briefing paper considers the legacies of the New Zealand Wars and how they feature in the national consciousness.


Results from the New Zealand Mental Health Monitor & Health and Lifestyles Survey
30 Oct 2018

This report uses Māori mental health data from three population surveys to highlight findings about whanaungatanga and belonging, cultural connectedness and reconnection, and cultural identity for Māori mental wellbeing.

Journal article

29 Oct 2018

This study reports on the contemporary health and wellbeing status of New Zealand high school students at specific timeframes over an 11‐year period. The health status of Māori secondary school students is compared to European students (the dominant ethnic group) to explore health disparities over...

Discussion paper

3 Aug 2018

Firstly, the myth. You’ve heard it before. There were a pre-Māori people in New Zealand, called the Moriori. When Māori arrived in the country they set about obliterating these peaceful Moriori inhabitants until not a single Moriori remained alive. This story is completely wrong. But...


3 Aug 2018

The Maihi Karauna sets out a vision for te reo Māori in the future. It outlines what the Crown will do to support a strong, healthy, thriving Māori language in New Zealand.

Conference paper

Two urban Maori icons
29 Jun 2018

What imbues a place with meaning, making it ‘iconic’? Can labels such as ‘icon’ fit alongside Māori concepts of place, and if so how?

This paper considers these ideas through the lens of two Māori buildings in downtown Wellington: the architecturally designed Te Raukura,...

Conference paper

Building principles of communal tenure into contemporary housing developments
18 Jun 2018

Models of land administration often promote the formalisation of land under multiple ownership to a more individualised, Western style of tenure, such as the British system of land tenure imposed on a communal Māori society. However, the dangers for Māori land under multiple ownership are...


14 Jun 2018

This paper draws conclusions from the available evidence, much of it international. This report is not an attack on single mothers. Strong parental attachment generally mitigates the many disadvantages their children face.

Journal article

11 Jun 2018

The objective of this research was to investigate the association between domains of nutrition risk with hospitalisations and mortality for New Zealand Māori and non‐Māori in advanced age.


7 Jun 2018

This edited collection examines Aboriginal and Māori travel in colonial contexts.


5 Apr 2018

This is part of a series of in-depth reports from the Survey of Adult Skills. This report covers how the literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills (measured in English) of Māori adults relate to their education, work and use of the language.


22 Mar 2018

The Indigenous Public Servant Forum brought together senior Indigenous public servants from Australia and New Zealand. The purpose of the forum was to establish cross-jurisdictional networks and share experiences of both challenges and success.


15 Mar 2018

The purpose of this report is to contribute to a common understanding of economic abuse and grow the knowledge in this area to support effective, evidence-based policy and practice responses.


12 Mar 2018

This New Zealand Government Cabinet paper sets out the short-term work programme to refine the scope of the Crown/Māori Relations portfolio (the portfolio).

The Cabinet paper is made available through the Open Government Partnership New Zealand initiative.


6 Dec 2017

Very little is known about the role of alcohol in older people’s lives over the lifespan, patterns of alcohol use over older adulthood, and how the drinking patterns of older New Zealanders compare with patterns in older adults in other countries. Using data from the...

Policy report

30 Nov 2017

Reports on the current situation for tamariki Māori (New Zealand Māori children) with particular focus on social and economic conditions.


11 Sep 2017

Maori Language celebrations were born in the early 1970s into a climate of widespread rejection and even hostility.

Working paper

10 Aug 2017

This paper argues that Indigenous economic wellbeing can be partly improved by addressing broader macroeconomic factors.


28 Jun 2017

This report introduces Social Return on Investment and highlights the importance of measuring social impact.



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