Maori (New Zealand people)

Journal article
30 October 2016

All peoples around the world have stories that honour the waters that surround coastlines, flow over lands and pool in valleys. Indigenous peoples do too.  This Māori prayer above inspires a call...

18 April 2016

Provides a national picture of how Māori learners are progressing in each focus area towards the goals laid out in Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success as the strategy is implemented.

Journal article
29 February 2016

Examines the history of how New Zealand’s institutions for nature conservation have developed.

31 December 2015

Explores the relationship between attending wānanga and Māori language revitalisation and culture, identity and wellbeing.

14 December 2015

Te Whānau O Waipareira is working with SVA Consulting to build an outcomes management culture and strategy to measure what really matters for Māori families in West Auckland.

29 September 2015

This book engages with the recent resurgence of interest in the history of exploration by focusing on the various indigenous intermediaries – Jacky Jacky, Bungaree, Moowattin, Tupaia, Mai,...

Working paper
24 September 2015

Striking differences in economic outcomes exist within New Zealand for Māori relative to the non-Māori population. This paper analyses whether certain beliefs and values differ systematically...

Fact sheet
31 August 2015

This fact sheet describes selected characteristics of Māori tertiary education students.

Fact sheet
19 August 2015

This fact sheet provides information on national employment by industry, occupation, and regional employment for Māori.

10 August 2015

This report discusses a project to design a social marketing programme that would support people with long term health conditions to positively manage their wellbeing.