Retirement income


12 Oct 2017

This international survey shows that many people in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia struggle with preparing for retirement for similar reasons.


30 Sep 2017

This report shows around half of Australians who switch superannuation funds pay significantly higher fees and obtain lower returns than their original fund, prompting concerns bank sales strategies are exploiting consumers.

Discussion paper

20 Sep 2017

This consultation paper outlines the content of the draft Insurance in Superannuation Code of Practice, the full text of which is included as Appendix 1.


18 Sep 2017

This report from the Centre for Future Work simulates the impacts of eight specific wage suppression strategies on workers’ superannuation balances – ranging from temporary wage freezes, to wage caps, to more dramatic actions.

Journal article

14 Aug 2017

This article addresses two key New Zealand Superannuation policy-relevant questions. Is it sensible to raise the age of eligibility? And is the timing – delaying adjustments until 2037- 40 – appropriate?

Discussion paper

28 Jul 2017

The Insurance in Superannuation Working Group (ISWG) has released this discussion paper as a further step towards developing an Insurance Code of Practice for superannuation trustees.


20 Jul 2017

This new research shows that women’s average superannuation balances at retirement are less than half of men’s.


29 May 2017

This report reviews both the minimum withdrawal amounts for account-based pensions and the regulatory barriers currently restricting ‘the availability of relevant and appropriate income stream products in the Australian market’.



19 Apr 2017

A recent report by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees raised concerns about the erosion of retirement income by ongoing rental or mortgage payments.

The report by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees is timely, given the Australian aged pension system is predicated on...

Draft report

29 Mar 2017

An efficient superannuation system is critical to help Australia meet the economic and fiscal challenges of an ageing population. The superannuation system has accumulated over $2 trillion in assets. Given the system’s size and growth, the system is of central importance to funding the economy...

Research report

23 Mar 2017

Australia’s retirement income system has long implicitly taken it for granted that the vast majority of retired people will have very low housing costs – in turn reflecting a presumption that most of them will own their own homes, and will have fully paid down...

Audio program

17 Mar 2017

An increase in Australian investors wanting their retirement funds to go into the stocks of ethical companies means change is afoot within the nation's finance industry.

The latest move has come from AMP Capital, which has announced it's banning investment in companies that manufacture...


30 Dec 2016

In December 2016 FMA commissioned Colmar Brunton to carry out research among people who are nearing retirement age, or who have recently retired. This research is designed to help FMA learn more about the financial decisions that people make when they retire.


Research report

19 Dec 2016

Under the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001, the Retirement Commissioner is required to review retirement income policies every three years. According to the terms of reference this report must address these retirement income policies and discuss these topics:

An update and...

Briefing paper

13 Dec 2016

After some years of stasis, superannuation tax reform was back on the agenda in 2016. Not since the Howard-Costello changes in the 2006-07 Budget has there been such a substantial amount of superannuation reform. However, the 2016 changes go in the opposite direction of the...

Audio interview

2 Nov 2016

New research suggests older Australians may be heading into retirement with a much bigger nest egg than commonly thought.

The report, by investment management firm Challenger, finds average household super wealth for those nearing retirement is close to $500,000. Given we're also living longer...

Research report

28 Oct 2016

This report highlights Australia’s not-for-profit industry super funds are effectively leveraging the scale and long-term investment horizon to invest in real economy assets which have been the foundation of superior member returns.

This study attempts to quantify and illustrate the distinctive economic contribution of...

Audio interview

20 Oct 2016

Banks are being accused of gouging customers by delaying the transfer of superannuation accounts into lower cost default superannuation funds. Retail funds have been given four years to switch accounts nominated as 'default' into cheaper My Super products with the deadline set to hit mid...

Research report

8 Oct 2016

The proportion of aged persons in Australia is set to increase significantly, posing many challenges. Amongst these is the growing number of households who lack housing security in retirement. The Age Pension in Australia is set at a comparatively low rate compared to other developed...


2 Oct 2016

So much of the national conversation about superannuation simply assumes that 'savings for retirement' is synonymous with 'superannuation savings.' This is a big mistake.

The reality is that superannuation savings account for only a small portion - about 15% - of the wealth of...