Financial services industry


4 Jul 2018

This report discusses the findings from ASIC’s review of credit card lending in Australia between 2012 and 2017. In particular, it looks at consumer debt outcomes over this period, the effect of balance transfers, and the operation of key reforms for credit cards that commenced...


29 Jun 2018

This report contains eight recommendations outlining initiatives to increase the supply of capital, and raise SME’s awareness of alternative sources of finance outside traditional banking.

Briefing paper

22 Jun 2018

This paper provides context for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers’ interactions with banking and financial services, especially in remote areas across Australia. It also provides background information and detail on Australian government policies and programs relating to Indigenous Australians.

Briefing paper

21 Jun 2018

This paper provides information on the interactions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with financial institutions, including banks, insurers and superannuation funds.

Briefing paper

12 Jun 2018

The aim of the paper is to give the reader a guide to the law, regulation and practices in general insurance in Australia. It is a large topic. The importance of regulation in the work of the Commission means that the part dealing with regulation...


31 May 2018

The Commerce Commission has released this report detailing the findings of its review of 215 selected lenders’ websites for compliance with disclosure rules.

Draft report

29 May 2018

The Commission is undertaking this inquiry under the twin (stage 2 and stage 3) terms of reference. This draft report brings together both streams of work to provide an overall assessment of the superannuation system and recommend policy changes.

Briefing paper

18 May 2018

In response to a request from the royal commission, APRA has prepared this paper on the effect on an authorised deposit-taking institution’s (ADI) Tier 1 capital, where a loan is classified as impaired, a provision is raised and enforcement action against the loan’s security is...

Briefing paper

14 May 2018

This background paper provides information about small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia, and describes some ways that SMEs interact with providers of financial products. This paper also highlights that there is no single definition of an SME in Australia, and that data about SMEs...


11 May 2018

The banking royal commission has exposed senior management, boards and regulators to unprecedented scrutiny — and the problems don’t end with the finance sector, writes Michael Gill.

Briefing paper

9 May 2018

At the request of the Royal Commission, this information note identifies reforms affecting SME lending introduced since 2007. The reforms outlined in this information note primarily concern reforms that are of relevance to small businesses, rather than medium sized enterprises, which are treated consistently with...

Briefing paper

7 May 2018

The scope of this paper is limited to small business credit in the form of loans, both secured and unsecured. It does not consider other banking facilities, financial products or financial services. It is intended to provide an overview of the relevant issues, and does...


1 May 2018

This report is comprehensive and contains a large number of findings and recommendations. Its overarching conclusion is that "CBA’s continued financial success dulled the senses of the institution," particularly in relation to the management of non-financial risks.

Briefing paper

27 Apr 2018

This paper responds to a request from the Royal Commission for background on the capital prudential framework applying to the banking industry, with particular regard to the current and proposed treatment of residential mortgage lending and lending for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Briefing paper

13 Apr 2018

Financial advice can play an important role for consumers - access to affordable, quality financial advice can bring significant benefits to consumers and help them to make informed decisions. This resource focuses on the reforms affecting the regulation of financial advice since 2007.

Discussion paper

10 Apr 2018

This discussion paper has been released to seek feedback on proposed regulations to support measures in the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill, in relation to addressing misuse of the Financial Service Providers Register.

Briefing paper

5 Apr 2018

This background paper explains both the current education and training requirements for financial advisers or financial planners and the key aspects of recent reforms in this area. This paper has been prepared using publicly available information.

Briefing paper

5 Apr 2018

This background paper outlines the main categories of financial products available to retail investors, the size of retail investment in the main categories of financial products held by Australian retail investors and the ways in which retail investors are protected, including prohibitions and restrictions on...



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