Child abuse

Used for:

  • Abuse of children
  • Child maltreatment
  • Child neglect
  • Children--Abuse of
  • Cruelty to children
  • Maltreatment of children
  • Neglect of children
5 January 2017

Examines data relating to a sample of offenders convicted of online child sexual exploitation offences under Australian Commonwealth law.

Discussion paper
14 December 2016

The aim of this paper is to offer some guidance to the management of child protection and related services by drawing on occupational health literature.

1 December 2016

This report analyses the role that organisational culture plays in child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. It specifically considers how organisational culture can affect the perpetration...

24 November 2016

This report by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission reviews the state's response to historic claims of abuse and mistreatment suffered while under the care of the State.

Discussion paper
3 November 2016

This Royal Commission discussion paper examines the evidence, principles and application of trauma-informed care in Australian systems and services.

2 November 2016

Child abuse is associated with an increased risk of gambling problems in adulthood, according to a recent systematic review.

30 October 2016

This paper presents and discusses a snapshot of data describing child protection activity in Australia.

8 September 2016

This New Zealand Cabinet paper is the Government’s response to the recommendations made in the final report of the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service. 

7 September 2016

This study attempts to better understand children and young people’s perceptions of safety within institutions, and their views on how adults and institutions are responding to their safety needs...