Foreign relations administration

13 March 2017

The Jekyll and Hyde character of the Trump administration is the result of a deep structure at its heart that stems from two dynamics that are in tension with each other, writes Thomas Wright.

28 February 2017

We call on the Australian Government to develop and implement a contemporary, independent and high quality foreign policy strategy based on evidence, ethics, social justice, solidarity and...

10 January 2017

This report outlines findings from an audit that was conducted in order to assess the transparency of the Australian aid program at the project level as of mid-2016, as measured by the...

5 December 2016

DFAT has to work harder and smarter online to be heard above the noise.

Audio program
10 November 2016

Experts are wondering what Donald Trump's election to the US presidency might mean for Asia-Pacific regional security.

10 November 2016

Donald Trump's victory in the United States' presidential election has likely killed off the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), writes Anna Vidot.

31 October 2016

This paper considers common strategic interests, cooperation on traditional security issues and non-traditional security matters, and puts forward recommendations for enhancing the relationship ...

26 October 2016

It is expected that issues such as economic co-operation, maritime co-operation and counter-terrorism will be raised when Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, visits Australia next month, writes ...

19 October 2016

Examines the new economic relationship between Japan and Australia.

Journal article
16 October 2016

This article considers the transformations taking place in the consular landscape and the resulting pressures on departments of foreign affairs both in Australia and elsewhere.