Retail trade


5 Dec 2017

Amazon’s entry to Australia signals a wider and worrying trend in worker relations. The company’s model, resting on heavy automation, means fewer low and middle skill jobs.

Like other multinational companies that enter the Australian marketplace, Amazon will have different...


17 Nov 2017

Successful neighbourhood centres are important as places to meet and for social activity. People’s access to neighbourhood centres and the diversity of buildings and commercial uses found there can significantly influence how, and to what extent, we interact.

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Draft report

10 Aug 2017

Buying a new car is a significant purchase for a consumer. The purchase of a car and its ongoing maintenance account for around five per cent of total average household expenditure annually, typically making it second only to housing expenditure in importance. Well-informed consumers and...

Discussion paper

1 Aug 2017

Relative to wages, the cost of alcohol has reduced considerably in the Northern Territory (NT) over the past 20 years. Lower prices and the resulting increase in demand has contributed to unacceptable levels of harm in the community. With rates arguably among the highest in...

Journal article

29 Jun 2017


Objective: While governments draft law and policy to promote public health, it is through cases put before the judiciary that the implementation of law can be challenged and where its practical implications are typically determined. In this paper, we examine the...


23 Jun 2017

The vision underpinning the Review’s Interim Report is for an integrated and sustainable community pharmacy sector, which is adaptive to the inevitable changes in health care given Australia’s ageing population, rapid advances in technology and ongoing Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) reform.

The issues in...

Discussion paper

30 May 2017

International evidence consistently points towards the physical, economic, social, and psychological availability of alcohol as important mediating variables in the prevalence of alcohol-related harm. Commentators have highlighted that Australia and the United Kingdom (UK) have similar drinking cultures and share commonalities in patterns of alcohol...

Research report

19 Apr 2017

Executive Summary This is the fourth report produced by Baptist World Aid Australia examining labour rights management systems in the fashion industry. It grades 106 companies, from A to F, on the strength of their systems to mitigate against the risks of forced labour,...

Research report

7 Mar 2017

Changes are needed to improve transparency and competitiveness in Australia’s cattle and beef markets, with an ACCC study highlighting shortcomings in price reporting, a lack of trust in the carcass grading system, and concerns about anti-competitive conduct affecting competition in cattle and beef sales....

Briefing paper

23 Feb 2017

Section 156 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provides that the Commission must conduct a four yearly review of modern awards (the Review). The Commission’s task in the Review is to decide whether a particular modern award achieves the modern awards objective....

Discussion paper

30 Jan 2017

Victoria has been at the forefront of initiatives to reform and deregulate the energy sector. Reforms implemented from the 1990s onward, including the privatisation of the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria, have transformed the competitive landscape. Full retail contestability was introduced for Victorian small...

Journal article

15 Jan 2017

Online prices are increasingly used for measurement and research applications, yet little is known about their relation to prices collected offline, where most retail transactions take place. I conduct the first large-scale comparison of prices simultaneously collected from the websites and physical stores of 56...

Journal article

30 Sep 2016

Legislative limits on trading hours for licensed premises have a long history in Australia as a key policy approach to managing alcohol-related problems. In recent years, following substantial extensions to permitted hours of sale, there has been renewed attention to policies aimed at reducing late-night...

Audio program

24 Aug 2016

Summary Gender neutral parenting and play is a big subject in Sweden. The country has recently adopted the gender neutral pronoun ‘hen’ – teachers are encouraged to say ‘good morning buddies’ instead of ‘good morning girls and boys’, and toy catalogues regularly show images...



8 Aug 2016

Penalty rates for working on weekends were an important 'sleeper' issue in the recent federal election. On the surface, both Labor and the Coalition agreed the future of penalty rates would be determined by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). But that superficial consensus couldn’t hide...


26 May 2016

There isn’t another country in the world where the supermarket industry is so concentrated.

This level of market concentration is ultimately bad for competition and for consumers.

Australia needs:

A mandatory industry code of conduct that covers the entire supply chain, from...



20 May 2016

It's hard to name an Aussie industry that isn't dominated by a handful of companies, and we all suffer for it. A new analysis proves what we've always known: Australia is prime breeding ground for monopolists, moguls and cartels.

According to the analysis by...

Conference paper

17 Feb 2016


Purpose - This paper attempts to draw a conceptual outline of how the market share – distribution relationship may be characterised in the wine category. The aim of this paper is to explain the potential contribution of future research in this...

Research report

27 Jan 2016

Each quarter CommSec attempts to find out by analysing eight key indicators: economic growth; retail spending; equipment investment; unemployment; construction work done; population growth; housing finance and dwelling commencements.

Just as the Reserve Bank uses long-term averages to determine the level of “normal” interest...

Book review

19 Oct 2015

We are accustomed to the idea that single families control a number of our largest firms. In Australia the Murdochs in media, the Lowys in retail and Gina Rinehart and her estranged children in the resources sector occupy us in the business, social, and occasionally...