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ANU E Press, as it was originally known, was established in 2003 to explore and enable new modes of scholarly publishing. Taking advantage of new information and communication technologies to make available the intellectual output of the ANU academic community, ANU E Press was Australia’s first primarily electronic academic publisher.

After 10 years of production, in early 2014 ANU E Press changed its name to ANU Press to reflect the changes the publication industry had seen since 2003. Now digital publication has become the norm across publishing, the Press no longer needs to set itself apart as a digital publisher, and so has taken the traditional academic publishing name of ANU Press.

The primary focus of ANU Press is the electronic production of scholarly works. All works are also available for purchase through a Print on Demand (PoD) service.

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Owning Institution: Australian National University

Former Name: ANU E Press

Source Type: Education

5 January 2017

This book shows that, reimagined, copyright could serve creators and the broader public far better than it currently does – and exposes intriguing new directions for achievable reform.

8 December 2016

This book sheds new light on personal trials and achievements at the coalface of Australian–United States relations.

14 November 2016

As the global ‘data revolution’ accelerates, how can the data rights and interests of Indigenous peoples be secured?

10 November 2016

Provides a rare glimpse into the working world of the individuals behind the Indigenous public sector employment statistics.

3 November 2016

This book presents reflections data comprising over 16,000 km of coverage across the whole Australian continent, and provides an insight into the variations in crustal architecture in the varied...

20 October 2016

Provides evidence from many of Australia’s leading scholars from a range of social science disciplines to support policies that address challenges presented by Australia’s ageing population.

6 October 2016

Trust in political parties has never been lower, but we have more and more of them, to the point where voters need magnifying sheets to read ballot papers. What is the relationship between party...

5 October 2016

This book considers the extent to which the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP), supported by other agencies at the international and national levels, has been effective in achieving its...

19 September 2016

This book looks at how China’s Communist Party-state addresses environmental problems and how Chinese citizens have coped with and expressed their concerns about living with chronic, worsening...

29 August 2016

This book explores the outcomes of migration law and policy, identifying ambiguities, uncertainties, and omissions affecting both temporary and permanent migrants.