International cooperation

Blog post
28 March 2017

This year is shaping up as a big year for Australian foreign policy. This FlagPost highlights some of the key milestones expected over the coming months.

28 February 2017

This report argues that even as ASEAN’s strategic pertinence steadily increases, the member states of the grouping face a dilemma over collective action that challenges not only perceptions of...

Working paper
17 February 2017

This report analyses the components of economic growth in twenty-one APEC economies in the past twenty-five years and the next thirty-five. The report highlights the critical role played by...

Journal article
16 February 2017

Discusses the concept of 'global studies', its place in universities worldwide and introduces New Zealand Centre for Global Studies.

15 February 2017

The UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) is an important case study of how the UN, with member-state support, can provide a whole-of-system response through coordination, partnership,...

14 February 2017

This special issue takes a global perspective and explores the major challenges facing humanity in the 21st century through the lens of ‘global studies’.

17 January 2017

Aid organisation, CARE International, has released a report highlighting the top ten most underreported humanitarian crises of 2016.

11 January 2017

Despite the fact that it involves billions of dollars worth of weaponry, the U.S./UAE arms transfer relationship receives relatively little attention among the public, in the media, or in Congress...

Other text
17 November 2016

Nicholas Procter and Mary Anne Kenny respond to the Turnbull Government's announcement of a plan to resettle refugees on Manus Island and Nauru in the United States.

31 October 2016

This paper considers common strategic interests, cooperation on traditional security issues and non-traditional security matters, and puts forward recommendations for enhancing the relationship ...