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10 May 2018

This is the final report from the inquiry investigating the impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities.


7 May 2018

This document reports on the progress of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, the Defence Innovation Hub and the Next Generation Technologies Fund. Together, these programs represent a $1.6 billion investment in defence capability.

Discussion paper

3 May 2018

This issues paper has been released by the Productivity Commission to assist participants in preparing a submission to the inquiry into Compensation and Rehabilitation for Veterans.

Research report

27 Feb 2018

There is an increasing recognition that realistic climate change scenarios predict events that have the potential to significantly impact on all aspects of society. Some developed nations are taking steps to prepare for climate driven, crisis events such as extreme weather disasters and large-scale population...


22 Feb 2018

Australia is approaching an important window of opportunity to change our approach to the use of space for defence and national security purposes and, more broadly, to the establishment of a sovereign space industry


19 Feb 2018

This audit assessed whether Defence achieves value for money in the procurement of fuels.

Research report

16 Feb 2018

Defence’s most comprehensive, and expensive, package of land force modernisation is underway, at a cost of $50–70 billion. Nine complementary programs cover every area of land warfare, from personal equipment for the soldiers through to unmanned aerial vehicles, amphibious craft, special forces helicopters, digital networks,...


13 Feb 2018

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee is investigating how the increased investment in defence through the 2016 Defence White Paper will deliver benefits and opportunities for regional economies and communities.

Journal article

2 Feb 2018

This article argues that Australia and the Australian Defence Force must look more deeply at the way men and women treat men, that men must be encouraged to open up and talk when they need help, and that suicide must be regarded not as an...


29 Jan 2018

This strategy document builds upon the Turnbull Government's defence industry policy, by setting out a comprehensive system to plan, guide, and measure defence export outcomes.

Research report

19 Jan 2018

This report examines the incidence of suicide among serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel in 2001–2015, and identifies characteristics that may be associated with suicide risk.


5 Dec 2017

The Third Offset strategy is perceived as a solution to matching the US defence budget with US strategic ambitions — to find means of sustaining its military-technological advantage in this new era of great power competition. For Australia, the Third Offset’s success or failure will...


2 Nov 2017

The acquisition of offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) to replace the Australian Navy's Armidale-class patrol boats under Project SEA 1180 has attracted little scrutiny or comment. It deserves more.


19 Oct 2017

The committee is investigating how the increased investment in defence will deliver benefits and opportunities for regional economies and communities. This report focuses on evidence received in Darwin and Katherine.


15 Oct 2017

Australia’s strategic outlook is deteriorating and, for the first time since World War II, we face an increased prospect of threat from a major power. This means that a major change in Australia’s approach to the management of strategic risk is needed.


13 Oct 2017

This quick guide provides a snapshot of current international defence engagement with Myanmar by the following countries—Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and India.

Research report

20 Sep 2017

This paper provides a summary of Australia’s military operations in Syria and an overview of key associated issues, particularly those relevant to the Parliament. Many of these matters are also relevant to the conduct of operations in Iraq, but this paper does not specifically address...


11 Sep 2017

This report outlines how the Australian Defence Force (ADF) anticipates that there will be local opportunities in the construction, logistics support, retail and tourism sectors, following plans to increased Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training in Australia.


22 Aug 2017

This report follows public hearings held in Sydney in June and August 2016, which inquired into the experiences of men and women who were sexually abused as children in certain divisions of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Audio interview

17 Aug 2017

A bi-partisan Senate committee is urging the Turnbull Government to urgently overhaul the care provided to veterans following a long-running inquiry into veteran suicide.