Mental illness

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8 Jan 2018

This document is the final report of the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Service Review, and reports on all project deliverables.


18 Dec 2017

This review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness in NSW Health facilities has been an important opportunity to analyse the use of restrictive practices, compare New South Wales with national and international standards, and to hear from consumers, carers and...


15 Dec 2017

Governments have yet to create a coherent strategy to help the almost three million Australians providing informal care, writes Lesley Russell.


23 Oct 2017

This study sought to examine the prevalence of cognitive impairment in a representative sample of Indigenous offenders from Victorian prisons.

Literature review

30 Sep 2017

What does the evidence show about the specialist dementia care units that are most effective in managing symptoms of dementia?

Audio program

10 Sep 2017

The World Health Organisation predicts that depression will be the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020. What are New Zealand's services doing to keep up?

Briefing paper

31 Aug 2017

The brief considers issues facing these groups of Indigenous people in their contact with police, in courts, in custody and post-release, highlighting the lack of appropriate diversionary programs at all stages of this contact.

Literature review

30 Aug 2017

What does the evidence show about the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for patients with major depression and/or schizophrenia?


15 Aug 2017

The NDIS eligibility criteria for people with mental illness is a central concern for all stakeholders. This report found that whilst the current eligibility criteria could be improved to provide greater clarity, the apparent reliance on diagnosis, rather than functional needs, is likely to result...


8 Aug 2017

The Turnbull Government has released the 2016 Ministerial Dementia Forum report, highlighting how support for people living with dementia can be improved.

Research report

27 Apr 2017

Students with an experience of mental ill-health have been shown to be more likely to consider exiting, or exit, their course early. This can have a detrimental impact on both their future mental health as well as their education and employment pathways.

Research report

20 Apr 2017

SA Health has accepted and will implement all of the recommendations contained within the report. A number of recommendations have already been implemented or are underway following the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network’s own investigations and as a result to an audit conducted by the...

Journal article

15 Jan 2017

There is little extant empirical literature examining the associations between life history strategies and symptoms of psychopathology. The current study ( N = 138) investigated the associations between life history strategies, symptoms of psychopathology, aggression, incidence of self-harm behaviour, and attachment (perceived parental support) in...

Research report

28 Nov 2016

In 2015 more young people aged 15–24 years died by suicide than any other means (including transport accidents and accidental poisonings). Over the past 10 years, rather than making in-roads into reducing the number of young lives lost to suicide in Australia, there have instead...

Research report

22 Sep 2016

Understanding how many people in each community need hospital treatment for mental health conditions, helps to identify local areas that may require more services and support.

This report focuses on the mental health of populations in small areas across Australia. It aims to assist...

Research report

11 Aug 2016

This report explores how legal services can better protect the human rights and dignity of people with mental illness and cognitive disabilities who have been detained for compulsory treatment.

The report’s author, Eleanore Fritze, a senior lawyer in Victoria Legal Aid’s Mental Health and...



26 Jul 2016

The Victorian suicide prevention framework is a whole-of-government commitment to reducing suicide and suicidal behaviour, and a coordinated strategy that will help to save lives. It delivers new investment towards the goal of Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan that all Victorians experience their best possible...

Research report

28 Jun 2016

Young people possess capabilities, knowledge and creativity to live healthy and happy lives. However, in Australia, similar to elsewhere in the world, young people report high levels of psychological distress brought about through such everyday events as: managing uncertain life transitions; peer pressures and influences;...

Research report

22 Jun 2016

There is growing recognition of the importance of addressing the mental health needs of young people in the university sector. 1.3 million Australians were enrolled in tertiary education in 2014 and this number is increasing each year. The majority of these students are young people...

Fact sheet

22 Jun 2016

A treatment order is a legal document that allows a hospital or mental health clinic to give you treatment for a mental illness. While you are on an order, you lose some of your rights and freedoms. You may have to stay in hospital. You...