Intellectual property

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Journal article

24 Nov 2017

The liability of internet intermediaries, particularly Internet Service Providers, for the unlawful online actions of third party users is a persistent theme and problem of cyberlaw. This article identifies and analyses the limits on the new statutory jurisdiction to grant no-fault injunctions.


30 Aug 2017

This strategy document outlines IP Australia's aim of creating a secure environment for investment in innovation, enabling firms to build brand value and business knowledge, and encouraging the disclosure of inventions and the transfer of knowledge and technology.


25 Aug 2017

This Australian government response document supports a number of the Productivity Commission’s recommendations and acknowledges the importance of further consultation with stakeholders on future copyright reforms.


9 Jun 2017

This report examines the U.S. economic contribution of industries relying on fair use and related legal provisions.


25 Apr 2017

This report focuses on the data related to IP in Australia, with discussion of the Productivity Commission (PC) inquiry and a side report on University-Industry Collaboration.


24 Feb 2017

The Deputy Chair of the Productivity Commission presented this speech on copyright and fair use to the Australian Digital Alliance Forum.


Good morning. Thank you Professor Giblin and congratulations on the launch of yours and Professor Weatherall’s book – What If...


5 Jan 2017


What if we could start with a blank slate, and write ourselves a brand new copyright system? What if we could design a law, from scratch, unconstrained by existing treaty obligations, business models and questions of political feasibility? Would we opt for...

Research report

20 Dec 2016

Australia’s intellectual property (IP) arrangements fall short in many ways and improvement is needed across the spectrum of IP rights.

IP arrangements need to ensure that creators and inventors are rewarded for their efforts, but in doing so they must: − foster creative endeavour...

Research report

20 Jul 2016

These are the official New Zealand Government guidelines to provide clarity on how government agencies can make their software open source.

Government agencies invest significantly in software development and often own the copyright in the software that they develop or that is developed for...


30 Jun 2016

This book argues that we should adopt an instrumentalist approach to intellectual property and reject a proprietarian approach – an approach which emphasises the connection between labour and property rights.


Are intellectual property rights like other property rights? More and more...

Research report

15 Jun 2016

The disruptive potential of digital technologies has become a hot topic in recent years. There are calls for governments to add or remove regulations, invest in digital start ups, and protect the jobs of workers threatened by new ways of doing business. This research paper...

Research report

29 Apr 2016

Main key points

Intellectual property (IP) arrangements need to balance the interests of rights holders with users. IP arrangements should: encourage investment in IP that would not otherwise occur provide the minimum incentives necessary to encourage that investment resist impeding follow-on innovation, competition...

Research report

14 Apr 2016

It has been a year of growth for IP rights in Australia and demand grew across all four IP rights last year, in line with global trends. In 2015, patent applications grew by 10 per cent, trade marks by 14 per cent (the best growth...

Discussion paper

7 Oct 2015


Australia provides statutory protection for intellectual property through patents, trade marks, geographical indications, registered designs, plant breeders’ rights, copyright, moral rights, performers’ rights and circuit layout rights. Current laws are consistent with treaties under the auspices of the World Trade Organization, the...



6 Oct 2015

Australia gained some last-minute concessions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. But this is still the wrong way to manage our international trade and investment

The announcement of an agreed text for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, or TPP, brings to an end years of...

Research report

25 Jun 2015

This report argues that that Australia's current process for treaty-making falls short on a number of counts, and recommends changes.


As this report on Australia's treaty-making process was being finalised the China- Australia Free Trade Agreement—a major trade deal some ten...

Research report

29 Apr 2015

Overview and key findings

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has identified four classes of copyright industries:

Core – industries that exist only because of copyright and are primarily involved in the creation, manufacture, production, broadcast and distribution of copyrighted works. Partial...

Research report

27 Apr 2015

The Australian Intellectual Property Report is now in its third edition. The purpose of the report is to promote awareness and deliver the latest IP statistics. This report provides a collation of data and information about IP in Australia, and internationally, and how Australia compares...


1 Jan 2015

Pacific islands artifacts and imageries have had a strong appeal to the popular imagination of the West over the years. However, in recent years the question of ownership of intellectual property rights has emerged as many indigenous groups around the world call for the repatriation...

Research report

4 Dec 2014

Discusses the emergence through trade and investment agreements of a changed approach to the objectives of intellectual property protection, and the challenges that approach presents for knowledge-based and innovation development of New Zealand interests.

Summary Intellectual property includes several areas of regulation which...