Intellectual property

24 February 2017

The Deputy Chair of the Productivity Commission presented this speech on copyright and the concept of fairness to the Australian Digital Alliance Forum.

5 January 2017

This book shows that, reimagined, copyright could serve creators and the broader public far better than it currently does – and exposes intriguing new directions for achievable reform.

20 December 2016

In undertaking this inquiry, the Productivity Commission was asked to consider whether current arrangements provide an appropriate balance between access to ideas and products, and encouraging...

20 July 2016

Official New Zealand Government guidelines to provide clarity on how government agencies can make their software open source.

30 June 2016

This book argues that we should adopt an instrumentalist approach to intellectual property and reject a proprietarian approach – an approach which emphasises the connection between labour and...

15 June 2016

This review sets a broader framing for the formal inquiries into Data Availability and Use, and Intellectual Property Arrangements.

29 April 2016

Draft report examining Intellectual Property (IP) arrangements in Australia has been released to solicit written submissions prior to public hearings scheduled to be held in June 2016.

14 April 2016

This 2016 report aims to promote awareness of Intellectual Property (IP) rights and discuss the latest IP statistics.

Discussion paper
7 October 2015

The global economy and technology are changing and there have been increases in the scope and duration of intellectual property protection. The Australian Government seeks to ensure that the...

6 October 2015

Australia gained some last-minute concessions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. But this is still the wrong way to manage our international trade and investment.