6 December 2016

Results of estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each major capital city and region across Australia. Includes a summary of results, a detailed discussion of the economic performance of...

18 November 2016

It’s hardly surprising that the International Monetary Fund has urged the federal government to spend more on infrastructure, writes Tim Colebatch.

15 November 2016

Australia is transitioning from the mining boom with strong growth and relatively low unemployment, but has not been immune to symptoms of the “new mediocre”: the preliminary findings of IMF staff...

3 November 2016

Examines the potential economic impacts of a Trump victory on the New Zealand economy.

27 October 2016

Policy, especially in housing, is struggling to keep up, as Grattan CEO, John Daley, shows in this presentation to the Melbourne Economic Forum.

16 October 2016

Economics – more than any other discipline – puts high value on the importance of individual choice, free markets, fierce competition and efficient outcomes. The dearth of senior female economists...

15 September 2016

This web site contains the UK Government's draft BBC Charter and draft Framework Agreement and various explanatory documents which set out how the corporation should be run, structured and funded...

Briefing paper
31 August 2016

It analyses the relationship between transport, spatial form and economic growth in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth through the consolidation of information from recently published literature. 

Journal article
20 July 2016

This research paper investigates why some online news organizations suspend or eliminate their paywalls.

6 June 2016

Reprint of the first detailed study of how Pacific Islanders responded politically and economically to their rulers across the German empire of the Pacific.