Infrastructure (Economics)


31 Oct 2017

This review is looking at Parts 8 to 12 of the National Gas Rules (NGR) to address concerns that consumers may be paying more than necessary for gas pipeline services.

The interim report summarises stakeholder submissions to the issues paper and sets out issues...


18 Oct 2017

Victorians deserve the best in infrastructure and services, from schools to hospitals, public transport, roads and community safety. But as Victoria’s population increases and technology progresses, what we demand from our infrastructure will also change.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan responds to Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year...


18 Oct 2017

Tourism Research Australia’s (TRA) Tourism Investment Monitor 2016–17 reports on the number and value of significant projects (valued at over $20 million) in Australia’s tourism investment pipeline in 2016–17.

There were 204 projects in the tourism investment pipeline in 2016–17, valued at $37.8 billion:...

Discussion paper

26 Sep 2017

Infrastructure underpins every aspect of modern life While the systems using our infrastructure have improved, the underlying infrastructure has developed comparatively slowly. Smart infrastructure seeks to extract greater value from new and existing assets by improving user experience, reducing expenditure and enabling better decision-making and...


21 Sep 2017

This report represents the expertise, experience and advice of almost 200 individuals working in community engagement, government, peak industry bodies, institutional investors, project planners and proponents, sector recruitment and civil society. These contributions were complemented by a national survey that found that ‘stakeholder and community...


14 Sep 2017

Structure of this report

This report comprises 6 chapters, including this introductory chapter:

Chapter 2 presents background information on toll roads in Australia and in other countries. Chapter 3 examines the financial arrangements for existing toll roads and projects that are under...

Other text

5 Sep 2017

The Australian Government is committed to exploring the opportunities for faster passenger rail links between our major cities and our regions

The Australian Government’s Faster Rail Connecting Capital Cities and Orbital Regional Centres initiative was announced on Tuesday 9 May 2017 as part...

Research report

25 Aug 2017

Energy is a vital part of our everyday lives. It keeps us warm and cool; allows us to produce and transport ourselves and the goods and services we buy and sell; it provides the power required to run hospitals, schools and businesses; and the means...


23 Aug 2017

The NSW Government is committed to planning for the future housing, jobs, infrastructure and environmental needs of its regions. To deliver this commitment, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment released a draft New England North West Regional Plan in late 2016 for public comment....


27 Jul 2017

Infrastructure Australia has retained Cross River Rail as a High Priority Initiative on the Infrastructure Priority List. This rating recognises that the emerging problem of rail capacity into and through Brisbane’s CBD is a nationally significant infrastructure problem which will need to be addressed. Infrastructure...


10 Jul 2017

Corridor Protection: Planning and investing for the long term is the third paper of Infrastructure Australia’s Reform Series advising Australian governments to take urgent action in the next five years to protect vital infrastructure corridors, to avoid cost overruns, delays and community disruption when...

Audio program

2 Jul 2017

After decades of debate, deliberation and inaction Sydney is finally to have a second airport at Badgerys Creek. So far we don’t have a design and we’re not sure if or when there might be a rail connection between the new airport and the city....

Research report

13 Jun 2017

The AIIB is a controversial addition to Asian economic regionalism. It is the first multilateral development bank (MDB) dedicated to infrastructure, and the first international economic institution created by China. However, critics have alleged it is a vehicle for Chinese geostrategic goals, may dilute good...


5 Apr 2017

Minister's foreword

The Business Growth Agenda (BGA) sets out the Government’s work to build a productive and competitive economy, focusing on the six key inputs businesses need to succeed, grow, and add jobs: export markets, investment, innovation, skilled and safe workplaces, natural resources,...

Research report

19 Mar 2017


Construction of Hong Kong’s metro railway was funded solely from the sale of development rights around stations. Close to one third of London’s CrossRail is being funded by levies on nearby businesses. ‘Value capture’ is back in fashion, and the calls are...

Policy report

23 Feb 2017

Government has many diverse roles in the community. However, the strategic importance of the provision of government infrastructure to the future wellbeing of society cannot be underestimated. This report identifies a number of important issues and makes recommendations with regard to the better provision of...

Technical report

14 Dec 2016

Infrastructure Australia has scheduled the preparation of a value capture policy paper and has commissioned SGS Economics and Planning to provide a technical advice paper to inform the policy work.

IA’s brief requested a technical paper that will:

- Define the value capture...

Briefing paper

14 Dec 2016

This publication is the first of Infrastructure Australia’s Reform Series. It provides guidance to governments and the private sector on how value capture can be applied in the Australian context.

This advisory paper argues that value capture can work in Australia and should be...

Discussion paper

11 Dec 2016

Australia’s national energy landscape has been transformed since the creation of the National Electricity Market two decades ago. The rapid uptake of renewable technology and leaps forward in energy efficiency and storage have been game changers for generators, distributors, retailers and consumers of electricity. If...

Research report

30 Nov 2016

What is this paper about?

This is the first in a series of papers from Infrastructure Victoria’s research program on improving the way government undertakes project appraisal. The focus of this research is to improve the government’s ability to more consistently assess the...