Aged care


6 Dec 2017

The Turnbull Government has released Australia’s latest Aged Care Diversity Framework, signalling a new, more inclusive era in aged care.

The framework’s six priority areas are:

1. Making informed choices

2. Adopting systemic approaches to planning and implementation



28 Nov 2017

In this Insight we examine the day-to-day interactions between personal care workers and residents, including:

• the ways in which guidance and the organisational response to regulatory demands provide structure for care interactions

• tensions arising...


27 Nov 2017

Recent media reports of appalling conditions in some aged-care facilities led to yet another independent inquiry , the Carnell review, which found that little had changed since the kerosene baths scandal of 2000. Yet the federal government has so far pledged to act on just...


23 Nov 2017

The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Ageing and Aged Care Strategy ( the LGBTI Strategy ) was released by the Australian government in December 2012, as part of a wider aged care reform process designed to increase sector accountability and consumer information,...


7 Nov 2017

As a general matter of existential exigencies, older people, irrespective of location in Australia, are more likely to be individuals who have complex health challenges, will need a diverse range of support services, and experience social isolation, loneliness, ageism (age discrimination) and abuse. However,...

Audio program

31 Oct 2017

A raft of aged care experts say the Carnell Report has missed the point and the focus needs to be on staffing ratios and training.

Following a series of aged care horror stories, the Federal Government announced a shake-up aimed at lifting standards at...


25 Oct 2017

The majority of residential aged care facilities provide a high standard of care to older Australians. Commonwealth legislation establishes processes for the regulation of care delivered to all aged care residents and to ensure providers deliver appropriate care which meets expected standards. These include processes...

Research report

24 Oct 2017

This report is unsettling to read in parts, but that is its value and significance. In a system where policy and practice is dominated by perspectives of government, bureaucrats, providers and professional groups, it is unique to read the views and experiences of people who...


19 Oct 2017

Applied Aged Care Solutions (AACS) was engaged by the Department of Health to review the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) and provide recommendations on potential modifications that could be made to:

- Reduce subjectivity in the needs assessment process



9 Oct 2017

With rising temperatures, surging power prices and an ageing population, there are challenging times ahead in terms of looking after our most vulnerable elderly citizens.

But my research suggests that residential aged care facilities are not well regulated in terms of providing safe indoor...


3 Oct 2017

This guide is a comprehensive resource for Muslim aged care. It covers wide-ranging topics such as, religion, culture, and identity of Muslims to provide the context and basis for planning culturally appropriate care for them.

Using text boxes, illustrations, exercise, and case studies, the...


26 Sep 2017

Some 61,300 people first entered permanent residential aged care (PRAC) in 2013–14. While they used over 1,000 different combinations of other aged care in the preceding years, the most common pathway (used by 1 in 4 people) was through Home and Community Care (HACC). Many...


14 Sep 2017

Aged care is in transition. It is evolving into a system that better supports the wellbeing of older people and the delivery of care in ways that respect their dignity and support their independence. There is an increased focus on consumer choice and control. At...


15 Aug 2017

GEN is a one-stop-shop for aged-care data. This website improves availability and accessibility of information for the community and stakeholders, by making it accessible for all levels of users.

Click here for an overview.



8 Aug 2017

The chapter is structured as follows. A description of the data and methods used is given first. The first analytical section of this chapter provides new evidence about the number of 14–15 year olds who care for someone who is elderly or has a disability...

Research report

25 Jul 2017

This report profiles 1,465 registered charities which reported that their main activity in 2015 was aged care. It is a companion report to Australian Charities Report 2015 .

Key findings

In 2015 Australia’s 1,465 aged care charities made up 2.9% of all registered...

Discussion paper

13 Jul 2017

The care at home system is moving towards a more consumer-driven, market-based and nationally consistent system.

Important reforms in home care were introduced in February 2017 to give consumers more choice in selecting a home care provider. There is now also a nationally consistent...


28 Jun 2017

Aged care, as it is known in Australia, is usually called ‘long-term care’ or ‘social care’ in other countries. It is organised, funded and delivered in many different ways. Not all countries provide public support, and levels of social protection (public coverage of care costs)...


26 Jun 2017

Its slick marketing promises a safe and sound place to live yet, according to this investigation, retirement village operator Aveo is making a fortune by ripping off Australians through complex contracts and eye-watering exit fees.


20 Jun 2017

The aged care sector has experienced the impacts of significant changes in recent years. These changes range from the ageing of the Australian population and the corresponding ageing of the workforce, the increased use of technology in service delivery, the increased complexity of health needs...